New Technologies

Over the past few years of evaluating new, innovative approaches to animal health care and “One Health” care, I have found a few new technologies that are quite beneficial for our animal companions. I will briefly mention them here and give you links to educate yourself more about these approaches.  I hope they, too, may be of benefit to you and your animal friends.

1. Activet Laser

There are a number of new innovative laser technologies that are available for animals now.  I do not like to comment on any that I have not had first hand experience with. You can get information on the pro’s and con’s, advantages and disadvantages of the different types on this website.

Activet Laser

The Activet Laser is one that I have used and that I am quite impressed with the clinical effects on both small animal and equine patients.  The benefits of this laser that I have found are:

a. It is a Class II laser and thereby much safer and easier to use than Class IV.  Further explanations of Class II vs. ClasIV are available at their website.

b. It is portable, easy to transport from barn to barn or from exam room to exam room, easy to recharge and easy to use on all animals.

c. It is easy to use for acupuncture on animals that are hesitant to have acupuncture needles inserted into them.  It is also easy to use on acupuncture points that are difficult to touch or reach. Animals do not seem to mind it at all, from horses, to cats and dogs.

d. They actually have a unit that clients can rent from their veterinarian so that they can use it as directed by their vet, at home.  This is extremely beneficial for animals that do not like to go to the animal hospital.  This way, the animal can be treated much more frequently as well. It is also much more economical for the client.

These are just a few of the  numerous benefits to the Activet laser system.

2. Swiss Bionic PEMF Unit

There are a number of pulsed electromagnetic field units that are now available for animal use. They have evolved to be much more efficacious over the past few years. Again, I prefer to discuss ones that I have had first hand experience with.


I have been using the swiss bionic pulsed electromagnetic field unit, iMRS , and have also seen great health benefits from its use.  You can review the research and health benefits at their website.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields help to relieve pain and discomfort and increase microcirculation.  These are some of the issues that they can relieve in animals as well as humans.

I will be adding more information about all these units in the future. I hope this information may be of benefit to your animal companions.