Veterinary Practice

Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS and Associates, Inc., offer a holistic, integrative approach to your animal’s health care. With over 35 years of clinical experience, research and teaching, Dr. Schoen  has developed his own unique approach integrating various holistic natural therapies for your animal companions, both equine and small animal. The therapies offered include acupuncture, veterinary-chiropractic care, nutrition, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine (herbs), homeopathy, mind body medicine as well as others.  Dr. Schoen feels that loving kindness and compassion are also an integral component in the healing process of all beings.

An integrative approach combining the best of natural therapies along with conventional medicine is recommended.  The various therapies and approaches as well as the most frequently asked questions about buy generic levaquin online each are described and answered in more detail on the following links:

Animal chiropractic/?musculoskeletal alignment



Dr. Schoen is currently working on a number of projects to continue helping animals, humans and the environment. As much as he would truly like to help each individual, it is difficult for him to respond to all the requests for help that he receives.  In order to help you find a holistic integrative veterinarian in your area you can check these websites:
1. International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
?2. American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association?
3. Chi Institute for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Schoen  hopes that these links can help you find a veterinarian in your area that can help you and your animal friends.