Deeper Connections with Horses Through Love

Horse Connection

Loving Horse Connections

It is a joy to see the compassionate trainer, Jean Francois in this video demonstrating his loving horse connection.     Through his loving connection, he is able to train and enjoy such a deep, profound bond with his horses without all the traditional horse training tools.  As he says in this beautiful video, he is able to get these results through love and the inner silent connection.  Personally,  I find one of the keys to this deep profound connection is finding that profoundly quiet center in our hearts and cultivate and nourish that center and radiate out that loving connection from that center to all animals.  That is essentially what I feel Jean Francois is doing in this video. I actually think this is a possible example demonstrating my “trans-species field theory.  

Unfortunately, over my decades in veterinary practice I have seen too many trainers come from more harsh belief systems on what they feel is necessary to train a horse and subsequently see many horses who are forced into uncomfortable, painful situations and develop attitudes of anger, resistance, resentment, etc. towards their trainers and riders.  Fortunately, there are more and more horse trainers that are recognizing that many of the techniques that are commonly know as “natural horsemanship” and “natural training”  enable them to get desired results through love and compassion rather than harsh, sometimes cruel techniques.  Recently I saw the  heartwarming documentary  “Buck” about another horse trainer who uses more compassionate, natural approaches to horse training.  The story about the abusive relationship he had with his father and how he chose to transform that into a positive learning experience in his life  was a touching demonstration of how one always has a choice as to how they want to use “challenging” experiences in their lives and turn them into constructive, positive ways to interact with all other beings.

I cherish the deeper connections that I feel with horses every time I treat them with acupuncture, my unique musculoskeletal alignment techniques or the various other healing therapies that I integrate into my practice.  I am grateful that with the approaches I use, they usually feel better instantly and show their gratitude in so many beautiful ways, from releasing a deep sigh of relief,  looking at me with grateful eyes, licking me, nuzzling me, dropping their heads into my arms and other clear demonstrations of gratitude and pain relief.  It is one of the many reasons I am grateful for the type of veterinary care that I have developed, teach and practice.  I am grateful that I have been able to share my techniques with thousands of other veterinarians around the world in order that so many other horses are able to benefit from my approach.

I highly recommend watching  this video  and appreciating the potential of this deep, heartcentered, loving approach to living life with all beings.

This is what the kindred spirits project is all about.  Thank you Jean Francois for being a bright light in the field of horse training and showing all horse lovers another way to be with their beloved equine companions.


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