Otter Joy, Judgement and Our Minds

Recently I was walking along the rocky pacific northwest beach near my cabin, where otters play joyously, seals poke their heads out of the water to see who is above the waterline, and eagles, herons, kingfishers and others soar above the water. I saw a new dock being built with large concrete posts built into ground, a metal walkway and floating wooden dock. It was located directly over large grey boulders on a prominence where the otters appeared to have their home. They would often be on the land above the rocks rolling around with each other, licking and grooming each other. My silly, judgmental mindstream immediately reacted with irritation, saying to myself, “how could someone build this dock right over their home and ruin this beautiful beach with a dock”. The poor otters home would never be the same and they would have to deal with this dock forever or move their home elsewhere. I watched my mind as it scattered in different directions regarding destroying the otters home, changing the ambience of this coastline, etc. etc. I recognized my nonproductive, negative thought patterns and then briefly chuckled at myself thinking “Oh, such a busy mind with destructive judgmental thoughts”. Continue reading Otter Joy, Judgement and Our Minds


Posting by Dr. Penny

Have any of you seen the movie that is in theatres right now call “Limitless”? It is a movie about a pill that lets you access 100% of your brain, all of your potential, without fear, to become a maximum capacity human – well acted, in entertaining Hollywood style. It is a good romp that leaves you feeling sharp and invincible. Intelligence is power! At a deeper level, it reflects the changes in consciousness stirring the masses. I thought it might be fun to include some dog wisdom on several things the movie bumps into.  Every dog knows is that you do not need to take a pill to strut through life like this. No need to hunt it down, hide, sequester, duplicate, or perfect it. We all have it in us. So relax and put the guns down.

“Limitless” is what people are glimpsing now, without taking a pill. The fact that there is a movie like this, confirms it. This ability to access our own brilliance is expanding exponentially right now. “Limitless” is our expanded consciousness. It is the stillness, tunneled lacer focus, slow motion precision, record speed flashes of insight, ability to see all sides of an issue, foresight, hindsight, sharpening of senses, keenness of mind and brilliant synthesis – that happens naturally, effortlessly, when humans become like dogs – deeply present in any moment.  Continue reading Limitless

What the dogs already know: Inner Validation

Posting by Dr. Penny

 Your recent postings came into play Dr. Schoen, when I was talking to an extremely discouraged colleague. “Where is the pay out?!” she asked. Like many of us, she has been very dedicated reading, studying, applying, visualizing, heart opening, soul searching, following guidance, excavating big dreams, growing faith and trust, diligently building the next level of what is possible from the inside out – the very best she knows how – for the past 8 years. She is one of the special ones at the leading edge, forging new territory. And she is exhausted from giving 100% plus. When is all this work going to pay off? Where are my *$%$#$! results?  She, like many of us, has bitten off a big chunk. We are learning to live, what the dogs already know. We are learning what it takes to change to something which will benefit not just us, but everyone. Service to all is unconditional love –  this way of human being in the world. That is what each of us is bringing in. That is the bridge we are all building. 

In the old system, we as individuals are rewarded for the level of work that we do. If we work smart, hard and conform to the mold for each profession, we receive reward in the form of $, appreciation, and respect. This used to be enough motivation. But now we have this strong urge to “follow our hearts” and “express our unique potential”. We want more. Once we have started this path, there seems to be no satisfying way to return to the old way. So, what is the old system being replaced with? What is our reward? Shall we take a peak and see how far we can see? 

Continue reading What the dogs already know: Inner Validation

Inter-species connections: Protecting Mom (VIDEO)

Continuing evidence accumulates for trans-species connections that defy labels.  This short video of a deer protecting a nesting goose is another example of communication that normal conventional animal behavior is challenged to define. Can you feel the opening of the hearts of the news reporters in this video?  Personally, some of the key insights from this video are: 1. how one can see and feel a shift from the mind to the heart in the reporters;  2. how the deer has consciously decided to take on the protector role for this goose; 3. how when one partner of one species, the female goose’s partner disappears, another partner from another species chooses to take on that role and the communication that must be going on at some level between the deer and the goose.  How does that communication occur?  Why does that communication occur? To me, this is further evidence of my theory of “trans-species field theory” which I will be presenting in a paper shortly and on future posts. It is also interesting to note that this is occurring in a cemetery.  That is a whole other story that we will ponder in further posts as well.   I would love to hear from all of you on your perspectives on this co-species connection.  Perhaps the garden of eden is within our sights everyday, all we have to do is to decide to see it.  Enjoy!

Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Our World, Part II: Are you an Animal Empath?

In Michael Stone’s lecture on caring for the caregivers and burnout, he presents some unique perspectives that help deepen our interconnectedness with compassion and loving kindness. His discussions on burnout and compassion fatigue relate directly to animal lovers. I see this happen regularly when animal lovers want to work with animals and help rescue them succumb quite quickly to emotional exhaustion and empathy fatigue. 

Dr. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist asks in one article “Are you an empath?”. Dr. Orloff asks “Have you ever been labeled as overly sensitive? Do you absorb the emotions of others?” She then states: “There is a good chance you’re an emotional empath. Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Their sensitivity is the filter through which they experience life. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it. Through thick and thin, they’re there for you — world-class nurturers”. In her article she offers a quiz on whether or not you are an empath and what you can do to honor your strengths, yet balance your emotions and response. Are you an animal empath?


Love, Miracles and Animal Healing: A Japanese Miracle

Amidst all the unfolding sad news from Japan, small bright lights illustrating the value of the human animal bond surface. A dog that was rescued after floating on debris for three weeks a mile out at sea, was reunited with her human, wagging her tail all the way. Loving hugs and wagging tails are such healers in the midst of such devastation.  Whenever and wherever catastrophe’s  occur, one continually sees the healing power of the human animal bond and how it touches people and assists them in getting through these devastating times.  Nothing is as powerful in getting us through such times as mindful awareness and  inner peace, yet the healing power of the bond is like a dog’s lick on a wound, a healing salve.  It is an example of the healing power of loving kindness and compassion between beings.  I can remember during the war in Kosovo, there were stories about how starving people would give food to their dog before themselves, or during Hurricane Katrina people did their best not to leave their dogs and cats behind.   Here  again, stories come out in the media illustrating how the love between animal companions and the Japanese victims of the Tsunami is so consoling to the homeless and how happy our dogs and cats are when they are reunited with us. The love between us and our kindred spirits heals our heart almost like nothing else.  Blessings!

Sacred Turtle, Sacred World

An interesting paradox regarding two articles both about turtles showed up in the news this weekend. One article describes how fifty Vietnamese made a singular effort to save an over 80 year turtle that was sick secondary to the pollution in a fresh water lake in Hanoi. A second article describes the death of numerous sea turtles, many endangered, washed up onto the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico that many are highly suspicious may be secondary to the Gulf Oil spills and the subsequent toxins.

The first article states that “Thousands of onlookers cheered at Hoan Kiem Lake as the mammoth creature was pulled in after escaping capture last month.” It was taken to a “turtle hospital” to be cared for. The concern over the effect that the pollution in the lake caused for this turtle prompted “the government to form committees and employ hundreds of workers to frantically clean debris and pollution from the lake”.

Apparently there is a myth about this endangered fresh water turtle that dates back hundreds of years whereby it apparently helped a Vietnamese King fend off foreign invaders. Some believe it is the same turtle. Continue reading Sacred Turtle, Sacred World

Validation: Tail wagging, whinnying and purrs (VIDEO)

“There is a bright shining light within each and every one us, two legged, four legged, winged and finned. If we see that inner light in the other, they will glow as a reflection in our mirror of seeing them for who they truly are.”…Dr. Schoen

In the midst of all the world events, our animal companions are an emotional retreat from the continuous media bombardment and the challenges of the day.  They validate us, touch our hearts and love us no matter how hard our day was.  Whenever I would return from a long day of helping animals, whether at the animal hospital or in a horse barn, my dogs would just run up to me wagging their tails, so happy to see me as if it was the greatest moment of their day and I was the best friend they ever had. Continue reading Validation: Tail wagging, whinnying and purrs (VIDEO)

Caring for Ourselves/ Caring for Our World: Part 1 (VIDEO)

Michael Stone of the Centre of Gravity Yoga Centre in Toronto ( shares bountiful wisdom in this lecture that transcends yoga, buddhism and all labels and relates directly to the mission of the kindred spirits project and all animal lovers. He shares about the essence of how we can be of benefit to others in the most joyful way. Michael shares essential truths about how we can create more compassionate societies one by one. He also talks about many of the pitfalls of service such as burn out, vital exhaustion, empathy fatigue, pathological altruism, vicarious trauma, moral distress and systematic distress. I gained many insights from this lecture regarding burnout and compassion fatigue in animal lovers who volunteer or work in humane societies, animal shelters, rescue shelters as well as in animal hospitals or wherever there are animals suffering and in pain. Continue reading Caring for Ourselves/ Caring for Our World: Part 1 (VIDEO)

Breakthroughs in Veterinary Medicine: Full Circle

It is heartwarming to see the advances in 21st century veterinary medicine and how many new breakthroughs are happening recently. The advances continue to validate the concept of “One Medicine” for all species. Some breakthroughs are based on advances in human medicine that then are applied to animals such as this prosthetic leg for a pony. Other breakthroughs are pioneered in veterinary medicine and are then eventually documented sufficiently to be extrapolated to human medicine. One of the most exciting of these advances is adipose derived stem cell therapy for pets as well as for horses developed by Medivet. This breakthrough has allowed stem cell therapy for our companion animals to be able to performed in the animal hospital, thereby making it more convenient and economical. It is a major breakthrough in the treatment of arthritis in animals. Hopefully, this may then become more available for humans.  Continue reading Breakthroughs in Veterinary Medicine: Full Circle