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Loyalty, Compassion, Loving Kindness in the Midst of Devastation (VIDEO)

This video just came out illustrating some of the highest forms of altruism, loyalty, compassion and loving kindness that is possible for all beings perhaps. If one picture is worth 1000 words, this video says so much beyond words. In the midst of such devastation, how one dog guides the rescue team to his companion and stays there by the side of the  other dog.  Fortunately this story has a happy ending.  After an hour of coaxing the one dog to rescue him, they were then able to get to the other dog and bring him to a veterinarian for treatment.  No words can adequately express the joy in my heart when I see animals caring for each other like this. Please feel free to share any video’s, stories, photo’s that you know of that may continue to document these behaviors in animals. Collecting them here on this site will benefit many others.  If you would like to offer support specifically for the animals that are suffering secondary to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, The Huffington Post has an excellent article listing organizations that help the injured and homeless animals.  May all beings be blessed with such compassion and loving kindness in these times. Continue reading Loyalty, Compassion, Loving Kindness in the Midst of Devastation (VIDEO)

Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

As our February Kindred Hearts theme comes to a completion, I wanted to share this video with you of further documentation of love and compassion between humans and animals that some might still skeptically debate have feelings and emotions.  The time has truly come to change the paradigm from one requiring proof that animals have feelings and emotions and think to a paradigm of acceptance that they are more like us than we could ever comprehend and ask for proof that they are not.  Once we have decided to change the paradigm, then inevitably, we should base each decision made on this planet based on how can we treat other beings with such similar behaviors and emotions like they are beneath us.  It is time for compassion for all beings. Continue reading Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

Kindred Heart Connections: Going Beyond Labels (VIDEO)

Keeping with the Theme of Kindred Hearts, I find it fascinating to see all the YouTube videos’ of animals of completely different species connecting and demonstrating affectionate behavior patterns (dare I say “love”) between each other. The first one that really hit the media was after the Tsunami in Indonesia. There actually is a storybook with photographs of the development of this highly unlikely friendship that developed between this orphaned hippopotamus and an “aloof” 100 year old Galapagos tortoise, Owen and Mzee,  at an animal sanctuary in Indonesia. After great resistance by this tortoise who the sanctuary caretakers could not get to relate to any other animal, it finally, with great prodding and persistence by the orphaned hippo, became best of buddies and a kindred heart with the hippo and they soon became inseparable, nuzzling and grooming each other. I think this is such a powerful teaching for us humans, who have a challenging enough time loving each other, beyond racial, religious, sexual and other discriminatory divisions and labels. Here are two beings that are not only different species, but one is a reptile and one is a mammal! Now that is love beyond all labels! (more…)