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Explore the intersection of spirituality and science: the human-animal bond, neuroscience, HeartMath and quantum physics.

While acupuncture, chiropractic care, botanical medicine and nutritional supplements have been the foundation of his veterinary referral practice, additional, innovative, safe and convenient therapeutic options are now available as well.

From heartwarming tales to hard science, Dr. Schoen has written books for animal lovers as well as pioneering textbooks for veterinarians. 

The goal of his veterinary books has been to introduce veterinarians to the scientific basis and practical applications of complementary, alternative, naturopathic, holistic and integrative approaches to animal health. 

His books for animal lovers are a combination of soul touching stories about animal healing from his veterinary practice along with practical tips on natural health approaches for animal caregivers. Read, learn, share and enjoy!


Watch Dr. Schoen’s presentations, lectures and interviews.  Explore what one of the pioneers in holistic, integrative veterinary healthcare of over 40 years has to say about amazing power, scientific evidence and practical application of healing.  Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in new science.