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Kindred Stress: Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Chimpanzee’s

17 March 2009
It seems that we are not alone in experiencing mood and anxiety disorders as is stated in this article“>paper on mood and anxiety disorders in chimpanzee’s. The paper states that ” In humans, traumatic experiences are sometimes followed by psychiatric disorders. In chimpanzees, studies have demonstrated an association between traumatic events and the emergence of behavioral disturbances resembling posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.” According to the results of this research, chimpanzees do indeed….. “develop posttraumatic symptoms, in the form of abnormal behaviors, which cluster into syndromes similar to those described in human mood and anxiety disorders”.
It seems quite evident that since we share over 97% of our genetic makeup with chimpanzee’s, share the same neurotransmitters and neurohormones, that it is no wonder that we might share the same response to trauma. As the paper states, hopefully this evidence will lead to more humane treatment of primates in captivity and research. I would like to consider extrapolating this research to more than just our fellow primates. (more…)

Animal Connection Key to Our Survival

Kindred Connections
The New Scientist magazine has just come out with an entire issue about how our connection to animals may have been the key to our survival as a species as is depicted in this brief animated explanation. I think it is momentous that a respected magazine like New Scientist has recognized the importance of animals in our lives, even if, as they say as useful tools. I wonder though about the compassionate connection and how that may have been involved as well. Certainly, survival is primary, but I wonder about that is interconnected with a more loving bond. For instance, when the Russians were breeding fox for fur coats, they inadvertently were selecting for foxes that were easier to catch, more friendly with people etc. simply because they were the easiest to work with. Over generations, they ended up breeding foxes that were also adaptable as pets and created a entire new industry of foxes as pets. This selective breeding for domesticity occurred in a relatively short period of time. Perhaps our ancestors also, inadvertently, selectively bred all our domestic animals for increased ability to work with and increased friendliness.
I would be interested in your thoughts based on this brief animated description.
It seems that, what Harvard Entomologist, E. O. Wilson, has called “biophilia” is true. We are innately and intimately connected to all of life. It seems that it makes sense to preserve all life and re-create a world that makes that our priority. May all our thoughts and actions help support this revival of a nature and compassion based society.

A Cat’s Eye View and Trillions of Universes

cat photographer

cat photographer/Courtesy Cooper:The Photographer Cat

Watching this intriguing video created by an orange tabby cat, Cooper, Seattle’s resident cat photographer, with a videocamera around his neck and his human caretakers, we receive a glimpse of a world view according to one of our feline friends.  Apparently this cat has his very own youtube site offering further glimpses through the mind of one cat.  In reality, there are not only seven billion human universes, but trillions of animal universes sharing and experiencing Mother Earth as well.

In some philosophies and perspectives, each mind is it’s own universe.  Each mind perceives the outer world through our basic five senses as well as through our sixth sense and perhaps more.   This perspective of trillions of animal universes  is currently being documented through modern neuroscience, animal behavior and trans-species psychology.  Through modern technology, we are now able have broader multisensory windows into the hearts and minds of our kindred spirits.  Apparently even the navy is using similar technology training dolphins to  assist them in seeing underwater area’s through their  own eyes as well.  Youtube has allowed people to not only have glimpses from millions of viewers on their perspective of the universe, but has also allowed us to document numerous unusual animal behaviors and inter-species interactions and contemplate what is going on in the animals minds.  Many of the posts on this site focus on some of these fascinating video’s and explore their deeper meanings based on my theories of Trans-species Fields Theory.  For more of Cooper’s view of life, check out Photographer (more…)

Surfing the Moments with Kindred Spirits for Good Causes

As we create a more compassion based society for all beings, it is refreshing to see how much fun this can be.  A light-hearted co-species surfing competition between 50 different dogs gathered everyone together for charity as described in this Huffington post article.  When you see the joy in the faces of these dogs as they surf the waves, one can feel how they are totally in the moment, quite focused, and loving the fun.  In a way, it is a form of active meditation, totally focused in the moment.  It helps us quiet that busy mind traffic that continually permeates our mindstream.  The inner joy that it brings to all who watch and participate is a great way to play together and raise needed funds for various charities.  A win-win-win opportunity.


Inner Peace: The Lighter Side

These insights have been passed around the internet innumerable times, yet each time they show up in my email from a friend, they put a smile on my face and I chuckle.  May the lighter side of inner peace put a smile on your face and help you chuckle throughout your day!
Inner Peace:  This is so true
If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you  can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,
If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,
If you can eat the same food every day  and be grateful for it, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,
If you can conquer tension without  medical help,
If you can relax without alcohol,
If  you can sleep without the aid of  drugs

…Then  You Are  Probably  ……..

The  Family Dog!

Celebrate, Sing and Rejoice, Summer is Here! (VIDEO)

Sing to your heart’s content!

As the sunshine, warmth and beauty of summer arrives, we all celebrate in our own unique way, birds sing, otters play, mating behavior is evident everywhere.  One happy kindred spirit celebrates, sings and shares it’s joy in its own unique way in this video.  When I watched this smile raising, joyous video I pondered, what else do our kindred spirits do when we may not be looking? How do they express their joy and play when we might not be seeing them.  Obviously, this dog knew people were watching, but does he/she do this when they are not looking?

It reminds me of when I was watching a family of ten otters jumping onto a dock and frolicking around with each other, playing, rolling around, licking each other, not realizing that I was at the other end of the dock sharing in their joy by merely watching them.  Animals seem to have an easier time having carefree fun, without harming anyone, than some of us humans.  They are free of so much mind traffic that might prevent them of justing being fun! (more…)

Dolphins and Trans-species Assistance


dolphin interaction

dolphin interaction

 Dr. Jason Cressy, a world renowned marine biologist, Oxford trained psychologist  and kindred spirit  was recently interviewed by another good friend of mine, world renowned artist, Jill Campbell on her artists getaway website.  Dr. Cressy  received his Ph.D from Oxford University on nonverbal communication and then combined that with his love of whales and dolphins.  In this wide ranging interview regarding his exploration of deeper connections between whales, dolphins and ourselves he describes an age old cooperative working  relationship between dolphins and fisherman on the Mandalay river in Burma, which provided food for both the dolphins and the fisherman.

When Jason and I were discussing his observations of this cooperative dynamic and the trans-species field theory that I am proposing,  we discussed the far reaching implications of these relationships and how they were taught by the dolphins from generation to generation for hundreds of years.  No one really knows how this symbiotic relationship came about.  It seems that animals and humans have cooperated and lived so much more harmoniously with each other in era’s past and continues in pockets throughout the world even today.  These transpecies fields still exist and continue to morph and evolve as we do.  Many of these energetic and conscious fields have narrowed to more domestic and urbanized area’s in horse barns, animal hospitals, sanctuaries etc. as our interaction with animals have decreased in the wild and increased in our ever continuing urbanization of life.  Dr. Cressy and I also discussed the many healing benefits of these interactions in the wild, in the civilized, urban environments as well as in our daily lives (more…)

Owl and Cat Friends: Trans-species Play (VIDEO)

This video of an owl and cat playing and being friends is circling the internet, with various perspectives by different commentators.  Personally, I feel that some important questions and insights that may be taken from it include the amazing documentation of play and friendship that transcends species, labels, belief systems and concepts.  The owl and the cat obviously do not seem to be thinking or saying, “wait a minute” we are supposed to be predators and prey, we are supposed to attack each other, we are not supposed to be friends and play like this”.  They are not in a mindstream with that busy mind traffic with all those concepts preventing them from just playing.  These documented behaviors between two species are in stark contrast to much that is accepted fact in animal behavior.  These youtube video’s that are documenting various behavior patterns between species that we would not expect to be interacting in the ways that they are seem to be turning our beliefs about accepted animal behavior patterns on their head.  We are witnessing behavior’s such as maternal behavior, play behavior, companionship, love, loving kindness, altruism between species that one would not think are possible.  In a way, these seem to be glimpses into the traditional concept of  a garden of eden where we all were living together in harmony, before concepts and beliefs.  Perhaps that movie title, “Back to the Future” is what we are witnessing now. Perhaps we are truly living in a Garden of Eden if we can only choose to see that.  Perhaps this is what we can be re-creating now if we listen to the animals.  You can see other video’s like this throughout this site.

What are your thoughts and insights regarding the deeper meaning and insights of interspecies behaviors like this?


Fear Response and Generalization Similar Transpecies

Fear and it’s fight or flight response is similar through all species. There was an interesting article in Time magazine recently regarding the generalization of fear in people based on an article in Nature/Neuroscience Journal. It talks about how one fearful, anxious experience can then be generalized to increase fear in general. It talks about this as a component of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how that relates to war veterans. It also mentions different approaches to treatment from medications to behavioral therapy.

I find that similar patterns of generalization of fear exist in animals as well. I have seen it numerous times in dogs that have had a fearful response to a loud noise such as a thunderstorm or a firecracker or some explosive noise. They will then begin to become anxious and fearful following any loud noise and it may progressively get worse and worse until it requires medications. It can also spread to a separation anxiety disorder if the noise happened while the human caretaker was away. I have seen it in horses as well. If a horse has had a negative experience to a veterinarian administering an injection, either intravenously or intramuscularly, it is not uncommon for them to then become more and more anxious and fearful to any injections to a point of being extremely difficult to handle for injections and even dangerous. This is commonly called needlephobia. Continue reading Fear Response and Generalization Similar Transpecies

Loyalty, Compassion, Loving Kindness in the Midst of Devastation (VIDEO)

This video just came out illustrating some of the highest forms of altruism, loyalty, compassion and loving kindness that is possible for all beings perhaps. If one picture is worth 1000 words, this video says so much beyond words. In the midst of such devastation, how one dog guides the rescue team to his companion and stays there by the side of the  other dog.  Fortunately this story has a happy ending.  After an hour of coaxing the one dog to rescue him, they were then able to get to the other dog and bring him to a veterinarian for treatment.  No words can adequately express the joy in my heart when I see animals caring for each other like this. Please feel free to share any video’s, stories, photo’s that you know of that may continue to document these behaviors in animals. Collecting them here on this site will benefit many others.  If you would like to offer support specifically for the animals that are suffering secondary to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, The Huffington Post has an excellent article listing organizations that help the injured and homeless animals.  May all beings be blessed with such compassion and loving kindness in these times. Continue reading Loyalty, Compassion, Loving Kindness in the Midst of Devastation (VIDEO)