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Healing Sounds of Loving Voices Transcend Time (VIDEO)

Continuing on the theme of sound health, the sound of our loved ones voices seem so healing to our hearts. The sound of our loved ones voices become associated with the love that we feel for them. It is a beautiful programming of our neural net to healing sounds. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
Certainly, all of us recognize that when we hear the voice of our loved ones, it brings immediate joy to our hearts that transcends all species. Whether you hear the loving bark, purr or whinny of our animal friends, they too bring joy to our hearts. That happens for our animals as well. Horse clients of mine share with me how good they feel when they walk into the barn and their horse hears their voice and immediate whinnies to them, even before seeing them. My cat would immediately start purring when he heard my voice after I came home after a long day of work. Continue reading Healing Sounds of Loving Voices Transcend Time (VIDEO)

Self Awareness in Dogs?

Here is an intriguing article from NPR about  my good friends, Dr. Marc Bekoff and his dog Jethro.  It brings up a profound question about self awareness and self-consciousness in animals and the validity of current studies.  I agree totally with Dr. Bekoff that just because a particular approach to evaluate animal behavior and consciousness does not confirm self awareness in different species does not mean that that particular animal, dogs for example, are not self aware.  It merely means that that particular test does not validate that behavior in that species.  Whenever I was challenged about the efficacy of acupuncture for particular conditions in animals and the lack of the gold standard of conventional research, the double blind placebo control study, I would  simply state that to me, life existed before double blind placebo controlled trials.  Does that mean life does not exist or is not real? Continue reading Self Awareness in Dogs?

Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

As our February Kindred Hearts theme comes to a completion, I wanted to share this video with you of further documentation of love and compassion between humans and animals that some might still skeptically debate have feelings and emotions.  The time has truly come to change the paradigm from one requiring proof that animals have feelings and emotions and think to a paradigm of acceptance that they are more like us than we could ever comprehend and ask for proof that they are not.  Once we have decided to change the paradigm, then inevitably, we should base each decision made on this planet based on how can we treat other beings with such similar behaviors and emotions like they are beneath us.  It is time for compassion for all beings. Continue reading Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

Welcome to the Kindred Spirits Project!

Welcome to The Kindred Spirits Project.  The Kindred Spirits Project encompasses my vision to assist animal lovers throughout the world to gather together and  unite in order to nurture, transform, concentrate and focus  the unconditional  love that they share with their animal companions into compassionate action to help improve the quality of life, happiness and health of all beings.

Are you an animal lover who wishes that they could do more to  make  a difference in the world?  Throughout my thirty three years of pioneering Holistic, Integrative Veterinary Medicine, I continuously hear animal lovers who state that they wish they could do more to make a difference in the world.  This blogsite has been created as a vehicle to support animal lovers throughout the world to come together with our intentions and compassionate energies to help create a happier, healthier, more loving society and earth!  This is a co-creative journey. By contributing, participating, spreading the word, we can change this world, thought by thought, intention by intention, action by action.  The result for you is that you will realize that you are an integral part of a solution.  By being a part of the kindred spirits project, you will reap great benefits in many ways that will begin to unfold in your heart and mindstream, moment by moment in your daily life.  As demonstrated in functional mri’s, by being of benefit to others, you become happier and more peaceful.  Join in and help us create a new, more compassionate society filled with loving kindness for all!  Again, welcome and thank you for joining us!

Through the  integration of the latest advances in quantum physics, neuroscience, mind/body medicine, consciousness studies, animal behavior and studies in the human animal bond, I have developed new theories, approaches and techniques that could possibly help transform our society into a more compassionate, happier, healthier society focusing on every place where we connect and interact with animals, our kindred spirits.  If I am correct,  every animal hospital, animal shelter, horse barn, animal sanctuary as well as each and every animal loving household can be a focal point for expanding compassionate action throughout the world.   This endeavor is a co-creative journey, whereby, all animal lovers throughout the world, can review my theories, practice the simple, yet profound  techniques that will be available for free on this website, integrate them into their interactions with their kindred spirits and report back with evaluations on their animal companions  as well as their own and others responses.  There will be questionnaires and surveys that you can fill out/ answer.  These will then be collected, collated and shared on the website.  I believe that we have the ability as individual animal lovers to gather together and  assist in the transformation of society into a more compassionate, happier healthier world, animal by animal, person by person. As the world seems to be bouncing back and forth from crisis to crisis, focusing on fear rather than love, it can be too easy to fall into hopelessness and despair.  The Kindred Spirit Project is an opportunity to offer another reality, another approach, re-igniting with unconditional love, passion and  compassion  each and every kindred spirit, each heart and each soul.  Love can be even more contagious than fear.

This is a warm, loving invitation to you, all animal lovers to say Yes to a new vision for the 21st century.  This is an invitation to help create a more loving, compassionate society.  It will require assistance from animal lovers from all walks of life, with many different skills, knowledge and abilities.  It will take great skillful means to create this new reality.  Based on my discussions with animal lovers throughout the world, I believe it is totally possible and that this new reality, Shambala, a new Garden of Eden, can become a reality beyond our wildest dreams.  So many of my clients, friends, readers of my books have asked me how they can take their love of their animal companions and help the world.  Their questions have led  me to create this project.  Please join us in this noble adventure to re-create the Garden of Eden, Shambala!