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Another Mooooving Example of Kindred Sound Health

This Youtube video is making the rounds.  I find it another excellent example of Sound Healing with animals.  It is being included in our study here of the interspecies connection with sound healing.  For another opportunity to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart, watch this video of  Cows Enjoying Music of the Utah Jazz Band playing to a herd of cows in Switzerland and their expressions.  There have actually been studies on the impact of various types of music on milk production in cows.  Rap and heavy metal music appeared to decrease milk production, while classical music improved production.  I find that horses and other animals respond similarly to different types of music.  One dear friend, Bettine (see, goes around the world playing her magical flute to all sorts of animals and observes and documents their responses.

This is an excellent reminder of being mindful of what music we play for ourselves and all our kindred spirits, whether it is in a cow barn, a horse barn, an animal shelter or animal hospital.  Healing sounds heal us, disruptive sounds disrupt us. It is as simple as that.  It gives new meaning to the cliche, “music to my ears”.  Pondering a bigger picture, what if we were more conscious of filling all the world with harmonious, healing music and sounds.  Wow, could we all be more peaceful and happy?  Perhaps we can begin to try this experiment.  What are your experiences?

Blessings of joyous, healing music to your ears and the ears of the world!

Trans-species Mother’s Day: Continued….

The maternal instinct truly transcends species.  Identity between mother and baby goes beyond labels.  A monkey nurses a kitten, a golden retriever adopts tiger cubs and the video documentation of trans-species maternal love evolves beautifully on Youtube.  This truly is a study of how animals can not only live together in harmony, beyond their labels of predator or prey, or speciesism.  This is an ongoing study documenting maternal behaviors transcending the labels that put on different beings.  I will continue to share these video documentations as I come across them. Please send in video’s that you are aware of as well.  This is a new level of animal behavior research that can teach us many lessons in living together in harmony.  We can document and continue to create a new Garden of Eden!  Watch these video’s and smile at the beauty of mother nature!
Maternal Behavior between Dog and Tiger cubs

Golden Retriever with Tiger cubs

Golden Retriever Dog Adopted Three White Tiger Babies


Monkey adopts kitten – SO CUTE

Dog Adopts a Panther Cub

Cat Adopts Rabbit

Cat Adopts Baby Red Panda

Celebration of Life? Surviving the Day (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of four posts by our amazing, compassionate blog contributor Dr. Penny Lloyd.  Dr. Penny recently lost her lifelong companion mare “Bangwyn”. By sharing experience and insight around life and death of loved ones, it is her intent to help all of us open to the unfathomable beauty and ultimate connection that is healing.

Celebration of Life?  Surviving the day

Forget the “transforming pain to beauty” part!%*! How can you suffer such incredible pain and simply survive? When your heart is ripped out, and the pain is coming thro in waves so strong it takes your breath away – what do you do? Shouldn’t there be a friggin’ manual on that one?!?? Not sure I have the manual, but this helps me:

Don’t try to do it alone. Say a prayer. Ask for help. Allow the support of friends & family. It is natural to want to hide to lick your wounds, but there is nothing like sharing a meaningful experience openly. It releases tension. It opens your heart. An open heart is the only way to truly feel better – to heal – to enjoy.

When the pain comes, breathe. Try going outside. For me, nature offers relief.
Let yourself feel what you feel. If you let yourself feel, it comes in waves and passes through. It may come again, but it doesn’t get stuck.
Observe your thoughts. Watch how adding to certain streams of thought adds to your pain. Notice that you can choose to stop – and just be – a still oasis. Notice how easy it is to whip up guilt, regret, doubt…tons of extras to dump on top to add to your agony. Notice you can stop – even an avalanche – but it is easiest early on, just as a thought trickles in. Some thoughts will come that actually make you feel a little better. Even at a time like this, you can choose.

Be gentle, true and nice to you. Take the easiest, gentlest path. Chances are you won’t have the energy to control much. Conserve energy. No right way to act. Just show up, moment to moment. Let it unfold. Give yourself room to feel how you feel…whatever surfaces. You may be surprised. And you may want to take this “roomy compassion mother self hug” way of being with you into the future.
Deal with only one moment at a time. Forget past, future, and what ifs. Focus only on the step in front of you. Barebones stripped away, blank slate – just be there to notice. Show up and ride on through, step by step – the way animals live. No preplanning. Take action when necessary. Watch moment to moment. Be open and observe. You can experience more in one hour of presence, than a lifetime of busy. Animals love people who are present.

Let yourself let go. Surrender the last threads of control. Let go of tension by relaxing your grip. A situation like this primes us for surrender. To have no energy to fight, can be the greatest gift. It may be the first time you can receive.
Watch the impulse to “run or hide” to avoid pain. Both are resistance. The resistance is what hurts the most. If you turn and face the pain, let the pain be there, you will come to know the fullness of grief as love. Love is all there is.
Alcohol. When big stuff is going on, I avoid numbing out with alcohol. But I also know alcohol can work as a heart opener. This time, at the close of the day, I experimented consciously. I took a sip and tuned into how I felt. I was surprised when the heavy physical sensation of pain gradually lifted from my heart – and I had a lovely real heart to heart conversation with my sister, before going to sleep.

Mayan Elders Share Their View on 2012: Kindred Futures

Mayan Elder Explains 2012
Many clients, friends  and  blog readers often ask me  what my thoughts and insights are about 2012 and all the varied predictions in regards to my mission statement and vision of the Kindred Spirits Project.    You can read so many interesting and bizarre views on the internet on the subject proposing everything from predictions that it is the end of the world, cataclysm, armageddon, solar flare destruction, the blossoming of a new age,  multi-dimensional shifts, consciousness shifts etc. etc.  Often these refer back to the Mayan calendar as the starting point.  Being a free range thinker so to speak, I pondered the question, explored the different perspectives, looked for scientific evidence for any of the theories and danced between skepticism and open minded inquisitive listening.  My tentative view at this moment in time is  “I don’t know”.  “I don’t know”, by the way,   is  one of my favorite quotes from one of my old teachers, Ram Dass, former Harvard Psychology Professor and spiritual teacher, who used to find great freedom and rejoice in saying that.

Recently though, I just came across this personal letter and address by one of the key elders, Wandering Wolf,  in the Mayan Culture.  I found this letter and the information included in it to be more honest than anything else I have seen or heard. There is a new film being created based on the interviews with Wandering Wolf called “Shift of the Ages”. You can watch trailers for it on Youtube. I found this one video offering a brief explanation of the Mayan Elder Explains 2012 quite informative. (more…)

Kindred Whale Joy

Time for another demonstration of co-species healing and shared joy! This heart-wrenching, suspenseful and then inspiring video of whale lovers saving a dying humpback whale entangled in enormous fishnets just before taking its last breaths of life, will put a smile on the face of all animal lovers and immediately fill your hearts with joy and happiness.

One of the great benefits of the internet and Youtube is how they enable us to witness the compassion and caring that we share with other animal lovers. It helps support us in continuing to do what we can do to help animals in need. Sometimes animal lovers can suffer with compassion fatigue, endlessly opening our hearts to save animals and eventually get worn down by the endless suffering that surrounds us. When we see hopeful situations like this, it is literally like a breath of fresh air, acknowledging what one or a few people can do to make a difference in one animals life.

What I also find fascinating is how patient the whale is, as if it knows that these humans are helping him. In addition, how it demonstrates its celebration of freedom afterwards. It clearly demonstrates joy in a whale. It clearly demonstrates an understanding by the whale that it is being helped.
What else does it show you?
Enjoy your weekend! Celebrate the life that you share with your kindred spirits!

Elk Saves Marmot: Celebrating A Compassion Based Holiday: Inter-species Compassion? (VIDEO)



As we celebrate the Fourth of  July Holiday weekend in the U.S. and Canada Day (July 1) in Canada,  perhaps we can rejoice in the creation of a New Society based on compassion and loving kindness for all beings.  Can the heroic elk in this video saving a drowning marmot, represent an example of trans-species compassion? It is quite impressive that the elk does not stop trying to save the marmot till he successfully does save him.  Is this because the elk was in captivity or would it have exhibited such behavior in the wild.  No one can answer this.  The beauty is that this elk chose consciously to save another drowning being, going beyond any label of species, simply another sentient being in need.  Can we go beyond our own labels of self and other and help save other beings in need?  Can we create a society where compassion and loving kindness like this is the foundation? (more…)

Musical Connections with Icelandic Horses

Musical Connections with Icelandic Horses

Musical Connections with Icelandic Horses

Musical Connection with Horses

Musical Connection with Horses

World renowned musician,  animal lover,  and kindred spirit, Bettine Clemen,  shares her musical message of  Trans-species love and  connections throughout the world with so many different species.  This video of  Icelandic horses connecting with Bettine through angelic  flute songs   illustrates how we all connect through music.   Her video documentation of the most heart warming moments in interspecies connections are available on her youtube channel.

Healing music and healing sound frequencies,  are  just one way that we all  deepen our connections and  re-awaken  our transcendent consciousness. Other gateways to awakening to these deeper connections include, nature, meditation, qi gong, yoga, just sharing quiet moments with animals, and other ways to quiet the daily busy mind traffic that tends to distract us from all that is.     Watch these icelandic horses and how they respond to Bettine’s melodious messages.

Have you had any experiences in playing music with animals and seeing how they respond? Please send any video’s or comments on these experiences.  This is one other aspect of the kindred spirits project that we are collecting.

Bettine is a veritable trans-species troubadour connecting to animals in some of the most unexpected places from the slums of Kathmandu and India to the Antarctic.  She is also finding that the music is deepening her communication with all animals and is integrating her animal communication skills with her music.  Bettine is a beautiful example of what this blog is all about.  She exemplifies the continued creation of a new world based on loving kindness and compassion for all beings.  She travels throughout the world sharing her melodious, healing message.  Enjoy her music video’s and may they nourish your inner joy, peace and love and your connections with your kindred spirits!

Gross National Happiness, Ecobuddhism and Respect for All Beings

We all want to be happy. Sharing our lives with other animals brings great joy to animal lovers. It seems that the more people are in nature, sharing their lives with animals, the happier they become. Even city dwellers yearn to get out of the city on weekends to experience some connection with nature and animals. There is a new field and website called “Ecological Buddhism” where the principles of respect for all beings meets ecology. There are many excellent articles and video’s on this subject and what we can do.
One article on the global climate emergency impacts on all of us and what we can do. (more…)

Animal Connection Key to Our Survival

Kindred Connections
The New Scientist magazine has just come out with an entire issue about how our connection to animals may have been the key to our survival as a species as is depicted in this brief animated explanation. I think it is momentous that a respected magazine like New Scientist has recognized the importance of animals in our lives, even if, as they say as useful tools. I wonder though about the compassionate connection and how that may have been involved as well. Certainly, survival is primary, but I wonder about that is interconnected with a more loving bond. For instance, when the Russians were breeding fox for fur coats, they inadvertently were selecting for foxes that were easier to catch, more friendly with people etc. simply because they were the easiest to work with. Over generations, they ended up breeding foxes that were also adaptable as pets and created a entire new industry of foxes as pets. This selective breeding for domesticity occurred in a relatively short period of time. Perhaps our ancestors also, inadvertently, selectively bred all our domestic animals for increased ability to work with and increased friendliness.
I would be interested in your thoughts based on this brief animated description.
It seems that, what Harvard Entomologist, E. O. Wilson, has called “biophilia” is true. We are innately and intimately connected to all of life. It seems that it makes sense to preserve all life and re-create a world that makes that our priority. May all our thoughts and actions help support this revival of a nature and compassion based society.

Surfing the Moments with Kindred Spirits for Good Causes

As we create a more compassion based society for all beings, it is refreshing to see how much fun this can be.  A light-hearted co-species surfing competition between 50 different dogs gathered everyone together for charity as described in this Huffington post article.  When you see the joy in the faces of these dogs as they surf the waves, one can feel how they are totally in the moment, quite focused, and loving the fun.  In a way, it is a form of active meditation, totally focused in the moment.  It helps us quiet that busy mind traffic that continually permeates our mindstream.  The inner joy that it brings to all who watch and participate is a great way to play together and raise needed funds for various charities.  A win-win-win opportunity.