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Kindred Mushrooms Creating a Trans-species Compassionate World

Paul Stamets on Ted Talks on Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

I just returned from a fascinating workshop on medicinal mushrooms with world famous mycologist Paul Stamets and his wise, wonderful, supportive wife, Dusty.  He presented an abundance of information on the scientific basis and cultivation of medicinal and edible mushrooms and how they can help save the world.  The workshop was at  a beautiful, mountainous retreat known as Foxglove Farm on Saltspring Island, where a good friend, author and bioneer, Michael Ableman is offering courses on self-sustainability.  Paul Stamets ( shared his decades of experience, filled with hilarious anecdotes about how he pioneered the discovery of numerous new uses of mushrooms for medicinal purposes, for bio-remediation of toxins as well as for beneficial food sources in times of need.  Paul presented a superb lecture at TED Talks summarizing his vision of how mushrooms can save the world in 6 easy ways.

Personally, I have used medicinal mushrooms in my veterinary practice for decades.  They are an instrumental component of my integrative approach for the treatment of immune mediated conditions, cancer as well as supporting health and wellness in the geriatric dog and cat.  They are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine as well.  Paul and I briefly discussed his beneficial anecdotal use of medicinal mushrooms in many species great and small over the decades. (more…)