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Sound Healing for Kindred Hearts Part 1 (VIDEO)

There are numerous approaches to help us heal and remain healthy in spite of the challenges of living in such challenging times. There are numerous stresses that challenge our senses daily. Noise pollution is one of those great challenges. Scientists realize that we are all vibrational beings, thereby impacted by all sorts of vibrations and wave frequencies. Sounds are simply vibrations, different wave frequencies,  like a tuning fork.  Sound vibrations are used both diagnostically and therapeutically with ultrasound, infrasound etc.  Sounds and vibrations can either be beneficial, supportive to good health or detrimental depending on the sounds and the vibrations.  There are studies that document that dairy cows produce more milk when they listen to classical music versus heavy metal.  There actually is a great book by a colleague of mine, a veterinary neurologist, called “Through a Dog’s Ear” which also includes a CD of music that has been found to calm dogs. The CD is available by itself as well. It has been used in animal hospitals, animal shelters, dog kennels and in private homes to calm dogs down. Continue reading Sound Healing for Kindred Hearts (VIDEO)