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Amazing Grace: Kindred Spirits Sharing Music

Bettine Clemen is a true kindred spirit with all animal lovers. She travels worldwide sharing her message of the interconnectedness, magic and love of animals and how so many species respond to the universal language of music. Like many of us, we feel the pain and suffering of all beings as we traverse these challenging times. In the spirit of the kindred spirits project, Bettine chooses to bath weary souls in the beauty and amazing grace of music, animals and love. Join her in these magical moments that she shares with us.
We are so grateful to have Bettine as part of our community and our kindred spirits project.
Bettine has just completed a workshop in Europe on animal communication and documenting it’s results. She is now integrating animal communication at deeper levels with her music. It will be fascinating to see how this evolves. Stay tuned as Bettine will be contributing regularly to the kindred spirits project.
If you enjoy her connection with music and animals, you can view more of her creations at .
Amazing GraceAmazing Grace

Fear Response and Generalization Similar Transpecies

Fear and it’s fight or flight response is similar through all species. There was an interesting article in Time magazine recently regarding the generalization of fear in people based on an article in Nature/Neuroscience Journal. It talks about how one fearful, anxious experience can then be generalized to increase fear in general. It talks about this as a component of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how that relates to war veterans. It also mentions different approaches to treatment from medications to behavioral therapy.

I find that similar patterns of generalization of fear exist in animals as well. I have seen it numerous times in dogs that have had a fearful response to a loud noise such as a thunderstorm or a firecracker or some explosive noise. They will then begin to become anxious and fearful following any loud noise and it may progressively get worse and worse until it requires medications. It can also spread to a separation anxiety disorder if the noise happened while the human caretaker was away. I have seen it in horses as well. If a horse has had a negative experience to a veterinarian administering an injection, either intravenously or intramuscularly, it is not uncommon for them to then become more and more anxious and fearful to any injections to a point of being extremely difficult to handle for injections and even dangerous. This is commonly called needlephobia. Continue reading Fear Response and Generalization Similar Transpecies

Horse Rescue: Rescue Them, Rescue Ourselves

The concept of horse rescue and horse sanctuaries are wonderful illustrations of the more positive aspects of a civilized society, caring for the old, retired, disabled and injured of all species. It is especially poignant after all they have been through with horse racing and other equestrian sports. Sad to say though, there appears to be a shadow side to this, as there so often is with many animal issues. This New York Times article report “Veterinarian Fired After Finding Neglected Horses” has exposed the potential for neglect and abuse of our retired companions, whether wittingly or not. A good friend and colleague Dr. Sheila Lyons wrote an extraordinary response to the article, Equine Rescue Under Fire – How to Make Things Better. Dr. Lyons has taken the high road, going beyond blame and finger pointing and perfectly summarizing what we can do and what to look out for when we retire a racehorse or any of our equine companions. Continue reading Horse Rescue: Rescue Them, Rescue Ourselves