Dancing with the heart connection through joyous as well as challenging times

Dancing with the February Valentines Day theme, let us share some ideas, concepts, experiences and feelings regarding the heart connection between kindred spirits. In the previous blog posts we are seeing evidence ranging from global heart coherence to transpecies and interspecies heart connections. Dr. Penny Lloyd shares her experiences of what connections mean to her and her friends. How about you, dear kindred spirit? How does this heart connection between you and your animal friends feel to you? How do you sense it in your animal companion? How is it evident in your life? How is it evident in your experiences in a horse barn, an animal sanctuary or shelter, an animal hospital, in your community?

Today, I have been assisting some dear friends with the transition of their 18 year old feline companion. It is such an honor and joy to assist such loving beings as they share such a sacred time together. It may or may not be the time, but I am so touched by their love and compassion for their cat. It is a true demonstration of pure unconditional love for someone that they have shared 18 years of their lives with. It is not only in times of joy that we share this heart connection, but also at times of distress and transitions. Sometimes, this is the most powerful and beneficial experiences for all. These times are opportunities to be in pure feeling, feeling our heart, our friends hearts, the merging of their energies, the heartfields connecting, the loving energy dancing back and forth, like the infinity symbol, loving energy flowing freely. This love flows in times of joy and in challenging times as well. Do you have a story to share how this loving energy flow, heart to heart, between you and your kindred spirits had a profound impact on your life? Can we take that energetic heart connection, that vibrational feeling of unconditional love and take it into our day, week, month, life and share it with all we meet? Feel free to let me know what that is like for you. I am realizing that each person that shares one of those profound moments gives permission to others to acknowledge the power of those feelings, the power of the interconnected heart field!
Blessings to you all!

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