Love Remembers: Lion Hugs His Rescuer (VIDEO)

Whenever I see video’s like this one my heart blossoms with pure joy and unconditional love.  I  feel like we are in the midst of documenting on video, co-species connections that previously were just flippantly tossed aside as just “anecdotal”.  There are so many teachings in this short video, that support the big vision of this site, creating a more compassionate society for all beings.  It demonstrates love between two species, going beyond labels as we had discussed in a previous post.  It demonstrates recognition, memory, cognition, sentience, gratitude, love, and ……?  

It demonstrates all these thoughts and emotions  in a lion for someone who saved him years ago.    As we collect continued documentation on video of these inter-species connections, we build a library of documentation of profound connections and communications between species.  As Brene Brown shares in her video in a previous post,  this is a new kind of research, collecting  documented  “anecdotes” if you will, into a unique research project.

One of the goals of the Kindred Spirits Project is to offer so many documented inter-species connections of love, communication, altruism etc. to provide a foundation for creating a new “all-species” compassionate society, where we all show such appreciation, respect and compassion for all beings.  In addition, as we see these video demonstrations,  we create a new neural net in our brains that acknowledges inter-species compassion and loving kindness as a normal part of everyday life.  As our neural net, our memories, are reinforced with this potential, it then becomes the norm.

Have you had experiences like this with various species that have transformed your view of life?  How have they changed the way you live each day?  I look forward to seeing your video and stories that we can add to this new library of documentation supporting the vision for a New Earth, a New Garden of Eden.  Blessings

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