Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

As our February Kindred Hearts theme comes to a completion, I wanted to share this video with you of further documentation of love and compassion between humans and animals that some might still skeptically debate have feelings and emotions.  The time has truly come to change the paradigm from one requiring proof that animals have feelings and emotions and think to a paradigm of acceptance that they are more like us than we could ever comprehend and ask for proof that they are not.  Once we have decided to change the paradigm, then inevitably, we should base each decision made on this planet based on how can we treat other beings with such similar behaviors and emotions like they are beneath us.  It is time for compassion for all beings.

How do you feel after watching this video?  Where do you feel what you feel?

Enjoy this video, share your thoughts, share more video’s like this on the site and we will continue to collect them for documentation of the new paradigm.

It is time for us to respect all marine mammals and protect their marine ecosystems.  It is time for all animal lovers to come together and acknowledge and support respect for all beings.

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