Sound Healing for Kindred Hearts Part 1 (VIDEO)

There are numerous approaches to help us heal and remain healthy in spite of the challenges of living in such challenging times. There are numerous stresses that challenge our senses daily. Noise pollution is one of those great challenges. Scientists realize that we are all vibrational beings, thereby impacted by all sorts of vibrations and wave frequencies. Sounds are simply vibrations, different wave frequencies,  like a tuning fork.  Sound vibrations are used both diagnostically and therapeutically with ultrasound, infrasound etc.  Sounds and vibrations can either be beneficial, supportive to good health or detrimental depending on the sounds and the vibrations.  There are studies that document that dairy cows produce more milk when they listen to classical music versus heavy metal.  There actually is a great book by a colleague of mine, a veterinary neurologist, called “Through a Dog’s Ear” which also includes a CD of music that has been found to calm dogs. The CD is available by itself as well. It has been used in animal hospitals, animal shelters, dog kennels and in private homes to calm dogs down. Some studies have found that other frequencies or sound waves may be detrimental to health such as microwave radiation, cell tower radiation and others.  There was one study recently that found that wifi frequencies may actually be detrimental to trees!

Through my own personal experiences in different animal hospitals and horse barns,  I have seen quite a variety of reactions of both the people and animals to different types of noise and music.  I used to love going into horse  and cow barns, with the smell of the hay and the peace and quiet of barns. I would especially enjoy when I would arrive at a barn in the evening when everyone was gone except for the animals and the  client who was waiting to see me.  The only noise one would hear is the soft, rhythmic munching of the horses eating their hay or the cows chewing their cud.  Over the past decade, noise pollution has invaded horse barns.  The groom softly sweeping the dust from the barns has been replaced in many barns with leaf blowers blowing the dust and dirt all over and eventually out of the barn.  I find it sadly ironic that the people using the leaf blowers often have headphones or earplugs on, yet everyone else horses, dogs, cats and people have to listen to the leaf blower as it vibrates throughout  the inside of the barn.  I personally find it extremely disruptive and have asked grooms not to use them when I am in the barn.  It seems offensive enough to have leaf blowers outside, but to have them inside a barn is even more disruptive.  In addition, I see a real difference in the peacefulness and calmness of the horses and the people when soft music is played in the barn versus heavy metal or punk.  To me, the animals seem much calmer.  When I walk into an animal hospital and they are playing heavy metal or rock or just any noisy music whether in be in the reception area or in the treatment areas, the people and animals all seem much more agitated, short tempered and anxious.  In contrast, when I walk into an animal hospital that is playing soft, calming music, the staff, the clients and all the animals appear much calmer and more peaceful.  I also feel much more peaceful when I hear the sound of waves, the sound of birds singing versus cars honking or leaf blowers in suburbia.  One time I heard on a local radio station that one thing that people in the country noticed more than anything in the past decade was the increase in noise pollution from leaf blowers.

This does not just seem to be my observation.  Follow the link to these  TED talks on sound health or check out the movie below.   In the movie, Green Beautiful, in one of the previous posts,  they talk about “Concerts of Silence” thereby acknowledging the “Sounds of Silence” as in the old Simon and Garfunkel song.  Let me know what you think of these and what experiences you have had with sound health and healing with your animal friend.  May you be blessed with calm sound healing wherever you go!

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