Validation: Tail wagging, whinnying and purrs (VIDEO)

“There is a bright shining light within each and every one us, two legged, four legged, winged and finned. If we see that inner light in the other, they will glow as a reflection in our mirror of seeing them for who they truly are.”…Dr. Schoen

In the midst of all the world events, our animal companions are an emotional retreat from the continuous media bombardment and the challenges of the day.  They validate us, touch our hearts and love us no matter how hard our day was.  Whenever I would return from a long day of helping animals, whether at the animal hospital or in a horse barn, my dogs would just run up to me wagging their tails, so happy to see me as if it was the greatest moment of their day and I was the best friend they ever had.  

It wasn’t just for food, as my dear wife would feed them earlier, since I rarely came home early.  I would lay down on the couch to regroup and my cat, Chi, would instantly jump up on my chest look me in the eye and begin to purr. My golden retriever, Shanti, would lie down by the side of the couch and nuzzle his head under my exhausted hand.  They were loving me, no matter how tired I was, how grouchy, irritable, exhausted or whatever from long hours of focused attention and intention.  This short video “Validation”, is a humorous teaching on how important validation is to us humans with all our daily mental and physical stress. Enjoy the video, ponder how your kindred spirit validates you. How do they remind you of who you truly are? Please share in the comments below on how they validate you. The compassion action step from this post is to go forth and see how many animals and humans you can validate each day based on your animal friends validation of you! Wag your tail, whinny and purr! Go forth and Validate!

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