Love, Miracles and Animal Healing: A Japanese Miracle

Amidst all the unfolding sad news from Japan, small bright lights illustrating the value of the human animal bond surface. A dog that was rescued after floating on debris for three weeks a mile out at sea, was reunited with her human, wagging her tail all the way. Loving hugs and wagging tails are such healers in the midst of such devastation.  Whenever and wherever catastrophe’s  occur, one continually sees the healing power of the human animal bond and how it touches people and assists them in getting through these devastating times.  Nothing is as powerful in getting us through such times as mindful awareness and  inner peace, yet the healing power of the bond is like a dog’s lick on a wound, a healing salve.  It is an example of the healing power of loving kindness and compassion between beings.  I can remember during the war in Kosovo, there were stories about how starving people would give food to their dog before themselves, or during Hurricane Katrina people did their best not to leave their dogs and cats behind.   Here  again, stories come out in the media illustrating how the love between animal companions and the Japanese victims of the Tsunami is so consoling to the homeless and how happy our dogs and cats are when they are reunited with us. The love between us and our kindred spirits heals our heart almost like nothing else.  Blessings!

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