Happy Mother’s Day to All Mother’s of All Species!

motherduckWhere would the world be without Mother’s? As I talk with friends who are mothers, single mom’s, who have lost their mother’s and share my life with mother’s of all species, a deep feeling of gratitude fills my heart for the incredible dedication and unconditional love that mother’s shower on their children. I reflect back on the challenges I offered my mother, not appreciating all she went through to provide a good life for me, till later in my life.  I hear from friend’s who are single mom’s concerning the challenges of raising children by themselves and how they have managed to still offer their children such profound love. I watch as the deer that give birth to their fawns under my deck each year, patiently show their fawns the in’s and out’s of where to find food, where to rest safely, which trails to travail the cliffs and how their fawns patiently watch everything they do.  I watch the eagle’s fly by window, getting food for their newborns in their nest and how all species that we share mother earth with all share the same dedication to their children.  I also am continuously amazed at how different species will adopt babies from other species.

On youtube there are more and more video’s of different species nursing and caring for newborns of other species who lost their mothers such as this monkey who adopts a kitten (video below).  It seems that unconditional love can transcend all species. Nurturing, giving and receiving is between all beings, beyond labels.  I ponder what makes a mother of one species feel maternal instincts for another where a monkey adopts a kitten.  What in a mother has them see all babies as their own, to nurture.  Truly, maternal instincts and unconditional love do indeed transcend labels of species, transcends all labels.  When we see this documented more and more on Youtube, crows adopting and feeding a kitten, etc. I wonder did this happen all the time, or is this a new phenomena.  What do you think is the basis for these behaviors transcending species?

May all mother’s bless their children with the unconditional love that is the foundation of all our hearts, two-legged, four-legged and winged!


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