Trans-species connections: Love, Fun and Laughter

This video of a baby orangutan and a a baby human playing together just brings smiles to so many faces that I felt I would like to share this with you, kindred spirits, as part of the feel good, look how we can live together aspect of this site. There are many aspects to this project, and the humor and  joy that we experience  when we connect with others beings is a loving, compassionate perspective to being all we can be. This cute site also has many other video’s of animals and people sharing together. If you need a lift to your spirits, view these. They are further evidence of how healing the human animal bond can be. Please share your photographs or video’s with stories of how healing and nourishing the human animal bond can be. The more we document this, the more credibility and the easier it will be to create a more compassionate society for all beings!

Dr. Schoen's Awake TV Series

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