Elk Saves Marmot: Celebrating A Compassion Based Holiday: Inter-species Compassion? (VIDEO)

As we celebrate the Fourth of  July Holiday weekend in the U.S. and Canada Day (July 1) in Canada,  perhaps we can rejoice in the creation of a New Society based on compassion and loving kindness for all beings.  Can the heroic elk in this video saving a drowning marmot, represent an example of trans-species compassion? It is quite impressive that the elk does not stop trying to save the marmot till he successfully does save him.  Is this because the elk was in captivity or would it have exhibited such behavior in the wild.  No one can answer this.  The beauty is that this elk chose consciously to save another drowning being, going beyond any label of species, simply another sentient being in need.  Can we go beyond our own labels of self and other and help save other beings in need?  Can we create a society where compassion and loving kindness like this is the foundation?

I find it fascinating and hopeful, how often the media is now filming, documenting and presenting numerous examples of how different species are helping each other out of some of the most challenging situations.  Just the other day there was another news article on how flights were delayed at JFK airport in New York for a couple of hours in order to assist numerous turtles that were migrating across one of the runways.  What if all of our choices in life were based on this level of conscious compassion?  What if corporations behaved like that.  What joy there would be in the world.  Functional mri studies on the brains of Tibetan monks document that when we focus on compassion and loving kindness for others, that the area’s  of joy and bliss in our prefrontal cortex become activated.

How would how corporate leaders and hence all employee’s feel if decisions were made based on compassion and loving kindness for all?  Perhaps, profits might soar in other directions.  Perhaps gross corporate happiness might increase and thereby gross national happiness and gross global happiness would increase.  Perhaps all the happiness of its employee’s might increase production, might increase new ideas, new creativity and thereby impact indirectly on their bottom line.  Perhaps we can view this elk as a representative of a new kind of Fourth of July celebration, creating compassion for all beings each day!  Hurray!  Happy New Fourth of July! Happy Celebration of a new U.S.A., a new Canada, a new world based on loving kindness and compassion!

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