Veterinarians Beyond Borders Help Himalayan Earthquake Victims

Veterinarians Beyond Borders
Veterinarians Beyond Borders

It is always great to hear from my dear friend and colleage, Dr.Catherine Schuetze, one of the key veterinarians in Veterinarians Beyond Borders of Asia.  In the midst of climatic and environmental shifts throughout the world, after the devastating earthquake in the  eastern Himalaya’s, Dr. Schuetze and her team switched roles from spaying, neutering and vaccinating dogs and cats to treating injured animals.  The epicenter, in Gangtok was right near where they happened to be working.  You can read the rest of the story in the vets beyond borders recent newsletter.

In addition, they are doing tremendous work in harsh environments controlling rampant stray dog and cat populations and helping find homes for them.  They offer programs for volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians and others.  Check them out online at

Often times, one can get overwhelmed by all the seemingly catastrophic news throughout the world. Yet, little by little, animal by animal, we can make a difference and assist in creating a more compassionate, happier, healthier world.  Dr. Schuetz is an excellent example of that.

We can all make a difference in our own way where we live.  There are many animals that can use a touching, loving hand.  More to come……

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