Lighten up your heart with the Human Animal Bond! (VIDEO)

Dear Kindred Hearts: When I saw this video, I felt like Kate Perry created a dynamic  visualization of what happens to some animal lovers when we experience the unconditional love and joy that we feel when we connect with our animal companions. Sometimes, animal lovers connect to a deep, quiet, silent space of peace and love within themselves when they connect with their animal companions. At other times, we connect with the energetic joy of our animal friends. Our hearts light up with fireworks of uncontrollable joy!  This fireworks video illustrates the energetic vibrancy that we can all connect to through this blog. Through the energetic connections that we feel with our animals and then multiplied by all the animal lovers following this blog, I  feel we can transform the world, animal lover by animal lover, kindred heart by kindred heart to a more loving, compassionate world!  In my book, “Kindred Spirits” I reviewed the research and shared stories on the health benefits of the human animal bond.  In future blogs I will discuss the latest research that documents all the evidence of the cardiac benefits of the human animal bond.  For now, let’s play a game, watch the video here, then close your eyes, take in a deep, slow breath, feel and visualize a moment when you were feeling so much joy with your favorite kindred heart, weather it be your dog, cat, bird, horse, alpaca, turtle, or whatever!  What did you feel and visualize?  Let me know!  We will be begin to collect your stories and share what different people are experiencing!  This is the joyous beginning of joining our experiences and energies together creating a collective, loving, energy force for all animals!

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