Kindred Hearts: Global Coherence

Kindred Hearts: Global Coherence

It seems appropriate that for February, 2011, we dedicate the Kindred Spirits Project to focusing on connecting with our animal companions through our heart connections. There actually is quite a bit of evidence documenting that human hearts radiate an electromagnetic field that is measureable. Much of this research and documentation is presented by a cutting edge website and group called the Global Coherence Initiative (www.globalcoherenceinitiative. com). One of their members, Dr. Rollin McCraty has proposed three major hypotheses that synthesize the relationship between human beings and earth’s electromagnetic fields as well as the solar energetic fields. His hypotheses are:
Hypothesis No. 1: All living things are interconnected and we communicate with each other via biological, and electromagnetic fields.
Hypothesis No. 2: Not only are humans affected by planetary energetic fields, but conversely the earth’s energetic systems are also influenced by collective human emotions and consciousness. Much of the planetary field environment is made up of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants.
Hypothesis No. 3: Large numbers of people intentionally creating heart-coherent states of care, love, compassion and appreciation can generate a coherent standing wave that will help offset the current planetary wave of stress, discord and incoherence.
We will discuss each of these individually in future blog posts.
Based on my studies in these fields, his hypotheses and my nearly 33 years as a veterinarian interacting daily with all creatures great and small, I am proposing a theory that I call the “Trans-species Field Theory”. After years of experiencing various energetic effects in numerous horse barns, animal hospitals, animal shelters and wherever human and nonhuman animals interact, I had always felt a certain energetic interaction between all of us. I could not put my finger on it so to speak, and there did not seem to be adequate science available to explain what I was feeling, nor appropriate language to explain the feelings. After studying the latest in quantum physics, electromagnetic fields, unified field theory and neuroscience, I feel like there is sufficient documentation to propose this theory now.
If they can now measure the electromagnetic fields emitted by human hearts, I thought, a horse’s heart is so much larger, what sort of field does that emit? What about dog and cat heart field emissions? What about other animals? I then pondered how do all these fields interact when we are in intimate contact with them. I was wondering what effect our heart fields have on their heart fields and vice versa. I suddenly had these images of all these fields interacting and impacting on each other, whether it was in a barn or an animal hospital. Then I pondered, how that might impact on the general feeling of the place. Then I remembered being in different barns or different hospitals and how the feelings of each one varied from quite hectic, sometimes chaotic to others that were quite harmonious. Could these trans-species field interactions be impacting on those feelings? If so, how could one improve the feelings in one in order to make it more harmonious, more peaceful? ……

Over the past few years, I have experimented with these concepts personally and shared these ideas with friends. I asked them to see what impact it had on their interactions with their animal companions as well as wild animals. From what I have seen from my own experience, is that whenever I take time in the morning to quiet my mind, meditate, feel the peaceful energy in my heart, feel the connection between my heart and my mind, my experiences with the animals I care for in my veterinary practice and their caretakers, my clients, is much more harmonious and peaceful. On the flip side, when I was going through some of the most challenging times in my life and did not take the time to quiet my mind and my heart first thing in the morning, the first animals that I would come into contact with would be more hesitant, a bit more resistant to our first interaction. I quickly found that they were great reminders, teachers for me, to stop at the moment, take in a deep breath, slow down, connect with my heart, and refocus to be present in the moment with them and to connect with them with loving compassion. As soon as I found my heart resonating more with loving kindness and compassion, the animals responded to me in the same way. I could actually feel a total shift in our connection, from resistance, to coherence, harmony. I could feel the energetic shift between us, a “trans-species” energetic field of coherent resonance so to speak. Whether I was examining them, performing acupuncture, chiropractic or whatever, the entire interaction was smooth, harmonious, coherent, peaceful. Our energies interacted as one, not in conflict.

One morning, my “to-do” list was much longer than my day, (actually, there have been way too many days like that) I had so many phone calls, appointments, all with deadlines and I was running an hour late by 9 a.m. As I was examining the first horse of the day, a bay gelding, I could feel him tense up as I placed my hands on his neck. I knew the horse and had treated him for years. Normally, he would love to see me and appreciated all the acupuncture and chiropractic treatments I had done with him. This morning was different, he turned his head toward me, gave me the “hairy eyeball” so to speak, and showed a bit of an anxious look in his facial expressions, with a curved eyebrow and wrinkled muzzle. I looked at his eye and immediately stopped. I realized that he was communicating with me, letting me know, “what is up with you today and do not touch me when you are so tense”. I then took a deep slow breath, came into the moment, connected with my heartspace and slowed down. I then gently brushed his neck and thanked him for his gentle message to me. He was my great teacher that morning, to be present in the moment, in the now. He allowed me then to continue the treatment and he responded as relaxed as he normally did.
Dr. Penny Lloyd, a good friend and colleague, shared with me one exercise she does with her clients when teaching them about the impact that their thoughts and feelings, mind and heart, have on their horses. She has them think about something that makes them tense and then brush their horse. Then she has them feel soft and content, feeling love for their horse and being mindful of the moment and then brush them again and see the difference in their horses response. We will have a video presentation of that in the media section shortly. We will chat more about all of this and have video’s of guided visualizations and meditations available shortly.
We have a unique opportunity through the living biofeedback mechanism of our heart connection with our kindred spirits to, always remember to be present in each moment with loving kindness and awareness. Dr. McCraty states “We can take responsibility for our own energy and elect to use this creative energy influx to create deeper connections and more caring interactions with each other and Mother Earth”. In daily life, the key is individual coherence, connecting to the loving kindness and compassion that resides in each and every one of our hearts. If we begin our day with this awareness and experience, we can have a transformative impact on everyone we interact with that day, two-legged, four-legged and winged! In Alex Forbe’s theme song for this blog and about my work, she writes and sings “Guided by the love that runs between us, In the silence, Listen and you’ll hear it, Oh, we-re kindred spirits. One true vision and we’re getting near it, Oh, we’re kindred spirits.”
So go forth and do good! That says it all!
Please feel free to share your experience after quieting your mind, feeling your heartspace energetic connection. For more information on the global coherence initiative, go to

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