Not Connected When

This is Part 2 in Dr. Penny Lloyd’s three part series on connection. 

Connection is always a matter of degree.  To begin to notice your state is HUGE!  Congratulations!  Lots of “oopsies” and self forgiving chuckles will help you forge a new more connected pattern.  You know you are NOT as connected as you could be when:

  • You feel yucky in any way
  • Your attitude sucks
  • You feel the world owes you
  • You feel negative emotion – anger, fear, sadness
  • You are busy thinking (especially if uninspired)
  • You are judging yourself or another
  • You feel superior
  • You feel inferior
  • You are thinking about the past (especially if negative)
  • You are planning the future (especially if negative)
  • You want to be somewhere else
  • You are not aware of your body (or energy field)
  • You are not aware of your surroundings (as an extension of you)
  • You are tense (anywhere)
  • You are trying really hard
  • You are rushing
  • You are multi-tasking
  • You are controlling or manipulating
  • You are compromising yourself
  • You are attached to a certain way, opinion, or outcome
  • An animal is showing you resistance

Well this will give us a good start.  Did I miss an obvious one Dr. Schoen, or anyone?

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