Connected When

This is the third post in Dr. Penny Lloyd’s three part series on connection. 

Remember, connection is a matter of degree.  That is very good news for all of us.  As we evolve, our “old high”, becomes our “new low”.  That means that what feels really good and connected to you now, can become your rare disconnected state in the future.  The more of us that are on board, the easier it becomes for everyone – even those extremely disconnected ones (ourselves occasionally?) that are really suffering (and causing great suffering all around them).  Take a think about that!!! to feel a big ol true buoyant kick in the pants POSITIVE INCENTIVE…

You know you are connected when: 

  • You simply feel great – period.
  • You have energy to spare
  • How to handle all your extra energy becomes a consideration
  • You feel enthusiastic
  • You are in love with everyone and everything (ha, like the celebs giving speeches at the Academy Awards)
  • You are grateful without effort
  • You can’t eat without saying grace from your heart
  • You “want to” give and share, (not “should”)
  • Everything sounds doable
  • You glimpse the power that moves mountains
  • You don’t feel better than anyone, or threatened by anyone, or anything
  • You understand humility and self-esteem are the same
  • You simply are, and that is way more than enough
  • You understand quiet true power as a force within you –  that has nothing to do with fame, fortune, and other worldly pursuits
  • Your heart feels full
  • You can see that things like sadness, too are love
  • Your body is relaxed and energetic and ever changing
  • You can focus inside your body
  • You can experience all things as energy movement
  • You know from your own experience (not just intellect) that you are not separate from what is around you
  • Everything becomes sacred
  • You notice variations of joy, bliss, peace, contentment…
  • Your old experience of “good times” is BLOWN away
  • You want to dance, sing, bubble over, express in some way
  • You see that same exuberant joy expressed in animals, like it is yours
  • You feel so great you just want to share it
  • You begin to not just read or hear, but understand the truths
  • You receive huge blocks of inspired thinking that never occurred to you before
  • You don’t need drugs, alcohol, comfort food to feel better
  • You are moved to speechless by the beauty
  • Your vocabulary is completely inadequate to express what you feel
  • The simplest thing holds the most incredible reward
  • Yes, you lose track of time
  • You are content to “do” nothing
  • You can feel everything around you without even looking at it
  • You feel the ocean, the plants, the animals through you, as part of you
  • Colors are vibrant and popping
  • Rocks and plants ARE alive too
  • There is a spirit of cooperation and comradery with all living things
  • You don’t feel needy or clingy to anyone or anything
  • Ha, cats want to hang with you
  • Horses do not challenge your leadership
  • The song of a bird cleanses you to clear empty stillness
  • Your focus can be on all at once, or on one tiny aspect – it becomes the same

Ok, I see this list is endless.  Hey guys and gals, this could be a great book, if you feel like participating with your input.  How do the animals let you know when you are connected?

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