Happy Valentines Day Loving Energy Connections and Joy shared with all your kindred spirits!

“The conclusion is always the same: love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy in the world.” Pierre de Chardin

Dear animal loving kindred spirits:

On this Valentines Day, may you, your partners and all your animal companions be blessed with all the joy of unconditional love!  On that note, as you experience that feeling of love with your lovers, two-legged, four-legged, finned and winged, I offer you a somewhat unique pondering on Love….

Is Love a thought? A feeling?  A neurohormonal physiologic response?  Merely a release of various neurohormones and neurotransmitters in response to another being?   A vibrational frequency?  An energy field? A trans-species field? A wave? A particle?  All of the above?

Does it matter really? If it does, why?

If one can get in touch with that feeling, nourish it, nurture it, like a seed blossoming into a lotus flower, and then share that beauty with the world, the world can then become the beautiful garden of flowers, of love that it has the potential to be.

Over the next few weeks, we will explore these questions and their implications in future posts.  As the philosopher De Jardin writes, it truly is the most powerful, yet the most unknown energy in the world.  Let us explore and play with understanding this mystery and then harnessing this unknown energy to create and manifest a new loving, compassionate society, where each and every one of us loves the other as if they were all our valentines!  Imagine a world of over 7 billion valentines!  Whew!!!! What a rush through our heartfields!

OK, dear Valentines day spirits, please share your thoughts on the questions in this post.  Love hearing from you!

Share the unique loving energetic field that all the thoughts regarding Valentine’s Day is creating at this special moment in time!  Cheers!

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