Japan’s Earthquake: Healing Shaken Hearts

May the thoughts and prayers of all kindred spirits reading this blog go out to our brothers and sisters and their animal companions that were devastated by the unpredictable movements of Mother Nature at this time.
Kumano Kodo Ancient Pilgrimage Path
I have been in contact with my Japanese friends who instantly became kindred spirits when I was teaching and offering workshops and retreats there. Fortunately, through emails and skype I hear that they are safe and sound. There is a wonderful group in Japan called the Japanese Animal Wellness Association who bring together animal lovers throughout Japan. We all wish them and their animal companions peace, health and wellness throughout this journey.

Based on the understanding of the theory of Global Coherence and how we are all connected, I could feel the quiver “in the force” (using the Star Wars metaphor), of all the trauma at many levels. Personally, I feel those quivers, disruptions, quaking in the force more and more throughout the planet these days as we experience the quickening of the shifts of nature, environmentally, economically, politically and within each and every being. It does indeed appear that the shifts and changes are increasing in number, intensity, frequency. What can one do, so many ask.

Certainly the plea’s for financial assistance can be addressed through the numerous non profit foundations that are sending assistance to the traumatized areas. The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund appears to be on the ground assisting in many beneficial ways. The Huffington Post also has an excellent list of relief organizations that are accepting donations to offer immediate assistance.
My heart goes out to all the animals that must feel so bewildered, in fear, lost and not knowing what happened since the earthquake. The Village Voice has a photo of one soaked, lost kitten hanging onto a patch of grass.
If you would like to offer support specifically for the animals that are suffering secondary to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, The Huffington Post has an excellent article listing organizations that help the injured and homeless animals.
How does one create stability, when the ground below us that we stand on, literally is unstable? Pema Chodren, a Buddhist teacher, once said and I paraphrase it here, the challenge is being stable in unstable times. The dance is how to be grounded in a world that is completely ungrounded.  It seems so much of it goes back to our own mind, our own thoughts, our own hearts. We can be of the most benefit, when we stabilize our thoughts, our minds and our hearts first.
Based on the latest awarenesses in quantum physics, the new biology and how they correlate with the concepts of empathy and compassion prayers of all traditions, we can provide profound support.  We can focus our thoughts, attention, and intention on sincere, deep prayers of healing, love, kindness and compassion for all beings who are affected and this can indeed also be of benefit.

If you feel so inclined, take this moment, close your eyes, take in a slow deep breath through your nose, throat, chest, into your abdomen, hold it for a comfortable moment, and then slowly exhale out through your chest, throat and out through your mouth. Repeat this three times. As you do this, feel all the suffering of all who are experiencing these earthquakes and other quakes throughout the world and breathe out love and compassion to all beings involved. Repeat this exercise as often as you feel inclined. What does that feel like for you?

In the energetic fields, these thoughts, prayers, exercises may help so many others who are suffering in ways that we may not fully understand at this moment.  My dear Japanese friends and all beings who have been shaken recently, may your shaken hearts be blessed with peace, tranquility, and stability.

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