Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization: Yes We Can Change the Paradigm and Become more Self-sustainable

Communities are coming together worldwide to develop new self-sustainable realities that offer more compassionate societies for all beings. Lester Brown, a world renowned environmentalist, author and activist for decades has just come out with a new movie that will be shown shortly on PBS, called “Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization”. I am usually hesitant to suggest a movie that continues to depict the sorrowful state of the environment that we continually see and hear about everywhere, as the one of the goals of this site is to offer a more uplifting, positive alternative perspective on creating a happier, healthier world for animal lovers and all beings. However, this movie is so well done and the second half truly does offer very realistic solutions to our global dilemma in addition to how quickly we are able to change the reality based on deliberate actions. . Perhaps the devastation from the nuclear disaster in Japan may be an impetus to put into action the clear plans that Lester Brown proposes in this documentary.

A preview of the movie was just shown in my community as part of the Transitions movement worldwide to create more self-sustainable communities. As part of us all working together to create humane option for our animals, our children, ourselves and generations to come, perhaps you may be interested in working to create a Transitions program in your community. We are all in this together, and no one is coming out alive, or are we all coming out alive? Till the next post…..

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