What the dogs already know: Inner Validation

Posting by Dr. Penny

 Your recent postings came into play Dr. Schoen, when I was talking to an extremely discouraged colleague. “Where is the pay out?!” she asked. Like many of us, she has been very dedicated reading, studying, applying, visualizing, heart opening, soul searching, following guidance, excavating big dreams, growing faith and trust, diligently building the next level of what is possible from the inside out – the very best she knows how – for the past 8 years. She is one of the special ones at the leading edge, forging new territory. And she is exhausted from giving 100% plus. When is all this work going to pay off? Where are my *$%$#$! results?  She, like many of us, has bitten off a big chunk. We are learning to live, what the dogs already know. We are learning what it takes to change to something which will benefit not just us, but everyone. Service to all is unconditional love –  this way of human being in the world. That is what each of us is bringing in. That is the bridge we are all building. 

In the old system, we as individuals are rewarded for the level of work that we do. If we work smart, hard and conform to the mold for each profession, we receive reward in the form of $, appreciation, and respect. This used to be enough motivation. But now we have this strong urge to “follow our hearts” and “express our unique potential”. We want more. Once we have started this path, there seems to be no satisfying way to return to the old way. So, what is the old system being replaced with? What is our reward? Shall we take a peak and see how far we can see? 

We are building a new paradigm. That means a whole different way of seeing, being and doing. It is out of necessity. The old system is breaking down because it cannot sustain itself. In the old system we serve. In the new emerging paradigm we also serve, in a different way.

In the new paradigm, we serve others, while first being true to ourselves. What does this look like? Well, what do you look like in your most high vibration, brilliant moments?

Imagine. Suddenly it is the weekend. You get to do what you love to do the most. Ah, a burst of energy. That feeling of fatigue that has plagued you all week…gone. We get to follow our heart! (Instead of doing what we should do out of obligation.) A smile lifts our face and we enter the moment, doing what we love. We are having so much fun we forget the time. We even forget ourselves. Caught up in the flow, enthusiasm grows. Inspired, we venture where we have never gone before. Brilliant ideas flood in. Boldly, we stretch out. Momentum builds. It is a spiral up – the natural high. We are energized beyond belief. We become so full! We no longer want anything – we are complete in ourselves.

Full becomes overflowing. We have so much energy we cannot contain it. We want to express it, share it – give it away! We have so much good flowing through us. It is unlike anything we have experienced yet! Ah, this is love. This is loving life. Love is life. Life is love. Ha, we can become delightfully obnoxious in our over-exuberance (by old system standards) – kind of like a dog that you can’t keep from jumping up for joy!

This is new paradigm service and reward. Being true to ourselves holds a level of joy, love, strength, and expansion unknown in the old system. Having a reason, a purpose, someone to share it with – boosts us to the next level yet. Sharing provides the momentum in creation.

Can you stretch to see a world where the primary reward is the expression and expansion of a state of being – joy, love – experienced from the inside out? (Instead of waiting in line for $, trophies, praise from someone else – external validation in the old system) Ah, external rewards are still good, but they are the gravy. In the new paradigm, the primary reward, the potatoes is the state of being. Every dog loves a bone. But does he need the bone to make him happy? No. Soon we humans won’t either.

This one is for you C, me, and all of us who will pass thro this stage, and experience the freedom on the other side – and the creatures who are overjoyed. Thank you.

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