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Have any of you seen the movie that is in theatres right now call “Limitless”? It is a movie about a pill that lets you access 100% of your brain, all of your potential, without fear, to become a maximum capacity human – well acted, in entertaining Hollywood style. It is a good romp that leaves you feeling sharp and invincible. Intelligence is power! At a deeper level, it reflects the changes in consciousness stirring the masses. I thought it might be fun to include some dog wisdom on several things the movie bumps into.  Every dog knows is that you do not need to take a pill to strut through life like this. No need to hunt it down, hide, sequester, duplicate, or perfect it. We all have it in us. So relax and put the guns down.

“Limitless” is what people are glimpsing now, without taking a pill. The fact that there is a movie like this, confirms it. This ability to access our own brilliance is expanding exponentially right now. “Limitless” is our expanded consciousness. It is the stillness, tunneled lacer focus, slow motion precision, record speed flashes of insight, ability to see all sides of an issue, foresight, hindsight, sharpening of senses, keenness of mind and brilliant synthesis – that happens naturally, effortlessly, when humans become like dogs – deeply present in any moment. 

As portrayed in the movie in the skate getaway scene, when tapped into expansive intelligence, there is no confusion. We have “knowing”. Knowing has a way of arriving when you least expect it. Often it is in the shower – or some other point in your day when your mind quiets down. It takes receiving mode, instead of yippity-yap output mode. Knowing feels more solid and rooted than a decision from thinking about our options. Of course our mind can still jump in and muddle things up. But given a chance, the next best step reveals itself. We all have access to the most brilliant action to resolve a situation, for our highest good. We might not always agree, because Universal intelligence is comprehensive. It is takes “everything” into account, even our blind side.

The movie was current, but short sighted in a few areas. For instance, where are all the dogs and frisbies? What is the new game? If you had access to all your neurons, is that the best game you could come up with? Remember, you get Universal intelligence with this. Would your priorities still be money and power (in the form of outwitting your competition, squishing the bad guy, and executing mergers and politics)? Can you see past the current “consume more & bigger is better”, business money model?  Do you think your values might change when you can see, understand, and appreciate everything all at once? When in an instant you “know” how your own welfare is intricately tied to everyone else? Is there a way for all to thrive? Would creating that be good use of your time and abilities? Would squishing the bad guy turn into giving him a hand up? Would that actually serve you better?

If all your abilities were amped up by a million – even doubled, what would you do? Remember, when you vision this one through, this is way bigger than dreaming about winning the lottery. With what you love to do, no fear, and limitless power, what would be your game? What if you had a head start compared to the next guy? How would you use that privilege? Impressing a girl by talking to your waiter in their native tongue, might be fun. But how about making a million close friends by learning all species language? With your new earth friends, together you could use your genius creativity to…? Then what would be left to do and be?

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