Owl and Cat Friends: Trans-species Play (VIDEO)

This video of an owl and cat playing and being friends is circling the internet, with various perspectives by different commentators.  Personally, I feel that some important questions and insights that may be taken from it include the amazing documentation of play and friendship that transcends species, labels, belief systems and concepts.  The owl and the cat obviously do not seem to be thinking or saying, “wait a minute” we are supposed to be predators and prey, we are supposed to attack each other, we are not supposed to be friends and play like this”.  They are not in a mindstream with that busy mind traffic with all those concepts preventing them from just playing.  These documented behaviors between two species are in stark contrast to much that is accepted fact in animal behavior.  These youtube video’s that are documenting various behavior patterns between species that we would not expect to be interacting in the ways that they are seem to be turning our beliefs about accepted animal behavior patterns on their head.  We are witnessing behavior’s such as maternal behavior, play behavior, companionship, love, loving kindness, altruism between species that one would not think are possible.  In a way, these seem to be glimpses into the traditional concept of  a garden of eden where we all were living together in harmony, before concepts and beliefs.  Perhaps that movie title, “Back to the Future” is what we are witnessing now. Perhaps we are truly living in a Garden of Eden if we can only choose to see that.  Perhaps this is what we can be re-creating now if we listen to the animals.  You can see other video’s like this throughout this site.

What are your thoughts and insights regarding the deeper meaning and insights of interspecies behaviors like this?


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