Dolphins and Trans-species Assistance


dolphin interaction
dolphin interaction

 Dr. Jason Cressy, a world renowned marine biologist, Oxford trained psychologist  and kindred spirit  was recently interviewed by another good friend of mine, world renowned artist, Jill Campbell on her artists getaway website.  Dr. Cressy  received his Ph.D from Oxford University on nonverbal communication and then combined that with his love of whales and dolphins.  In this wide ranging interview regarding his exploration of deeper connections between whales, dolphins and ourselves he describes an age old cooperative working  relationship between dolphins and fisherman on the Mandalay river in Burma, which provided food for both the dolphins and the fisherman.

When Jason and I were discussing his observations of this cooperative dynamic and the trans-species field theory that I am proposing,  we discussed the far reaching implications of these relationships and how they were taught by the dolphins from generation to generation for hundreds of years.  No one really knows how this symbiotic relationship came about.  It seems that animals and humans have cooperated and lived so much more harmoniously with each other in era’s past and continues in pockets throughout the world even today.  These transpecies fields still exist and continue to morph and evolve as we do.  Many of these energetic and conscious fields have narrowed to more domestic and urbanized area’s in horse barns, animal hospitals, sanctuaries etc. as our interaction with animals have decreased in the wild and increased in our ever continuing urbanization of life.  Dr. Cressy and I also discussed the many healing benefits of these interactions in the wild, in the civilized, urban environments as well as in our daily lives

As synchronicity would have it, a couple of days after meeting with Dr. Cressy,  while I was kayaking and connecting with around 40 seals in a nearby colony, eagles fishing, herons flying by and  lo and behold, a pod of eleven orca whales surprised us and swam right by, one orca spy hopping and looking at us right in the eye.

As we become more aware of these interconnected, interactive fields, perhaps we can turn that awareness into new symbiotic, mutually beneficial interactions in new ways.  What do you think?  Have you experienced interactive fields between you and other animals? Have you thought about how they might be beneficial for all of us?

For more information on these fascinating connections between whales, dolphins and us, check out Dr. Cressy’s website

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