Celebrate, Sing and Rejoice, Summer is Here! (VIDEO)

Sing to your heart’s content!

As the sunshine, warmth and beauty of summer arrives, we all celebrate in our own unique way, birds sing, otters play, mating behavior is evident everywhere.  One happy kindred spirit celebrates, sings and shares it’s joy in its own unique way in this video.  When I watched this smile raising, joyous video I pondered, what else do our kindred spirits do when we may not be looking? How do they express their joy and play when we might not be seeing them.  Obviously, this dog knew people were watching, but does he/she do this when they are not looking?

It reminds me of when I was watching a family of ten otters jumping onto a dock and frolicking around with each other, playing, rolling around, licking each other, not realizing that I was at the other end of the dock sharing in their joy by merely watching them.  Animals seem to have an easier time having carefree fun, without harming anyone, than some of us humans.  They are free of so much mind traffic that might prevent them of justing being fun!

I know that I actually had to relearn how to have such carefree fun as an adult.  My parents were relatively serious and understandably so, as they had so much on their plate, being immigrants in a new country, raising two children and trying to make ends meet.  My career as a veterinarian, programmed my mind to be a serious problem solver. My choice to focus my career on helping animals that did not respond to conventional medicine and surgery made my calling even more serious and intense.

From another perspective, sharing my life with family and  animal friends helped nurture the joy and fun.  I find that watching, being with and sharing my life with animals ignites my inner  joyous song.  The wag of your dogs tail, the purr of your cat, the whinny of your horse puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart.  Our kindred spirits bring out our inner joy  and our presence brings out their inner joy (hopefully!).  Their joy shines through even when we are not present though.  I have heard so many times from clients how their animals romp and play with each other when we are not around, and before videocam’s, we could only see that from the mess that remained after their playful times.

How do your animal friends play and sing as if no one is watching?  Please share any video’s that you may have of them playing.  We will collect them on this site and I suspect, this collection will bring joy to so many others kindred spirits! It may stimulate all of us to sing and play as if no one is watching!


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