Surfing the Moments with Kindred Spirits for Good Causes

As we create a more compassion based society for all beings, it is refreshing to see how much fun this can be.  A light-hearted co-species surfing competition between 50 different dogs gathered everyone together for charity as described in this Huffington post article.  When you see the joy in the faces of these dogs as they surf the waves, one can feel how they are totally in the moment, quite focused, and loving the fun.  In a way, it is a form of active meditation, totally focused in the moment.  It helps us quiet that busy mind traffic that continually permeates our mindstream.  The inner joy that it brings to all who watch and participate is a great way to play together and raise needed funds for various charities.  A win-win-win opportunity.

Friends and staff members also create this loving, fun, bonding time together regularly with their dogs at agility trials.  The dogs run through tunnels, jump over tall buildings in a single bound, go through winding runs, all being guided by their human caretaker.  I see the joy it brings to one of my staff as they so look forward to this bonding time each week with their dogs.  The heart connection between beings is so nourished by these interspecies dynamics.  I believe that our hearts are literally nourished by this love and joy.  These interactions thereby help us be healthier and happier, not just from the exercise, the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters, but from many other electrochemical interactions in our bodies and theirs.  Possibly, this is part of the creation of trans-species fields as I propose in my  “trans-species field theory.  I believe this is one component  of the benefits of the human animal bond.  The health benefits of these energetic fields expands as we create fun, loving interactive play between all of us.

This is quite evident at horse shows as well, if they are not taken too seriously.  When riders become one with their horse, with focused attention, love and joy, the connection of their working together is palpable.  The energetic fields of horse and rider become one.  When these dynamics then create funds for beneficial causes, it magnifies the benefit to many other beings.

Summer is a great time to illuminate and magnify these trans-species energetic fields and connect them to fund raising events to benefit all beings!  Let us surf the moments and celebrate together along while helping other beings.  Because, actually, self and other  is an illusion. There is no other, no self, just one.  Let us celebrate the beauty, joy and fun of oneness!

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