A Cat’s Eye View and Trillions of Universes

cat photographer
cat photographer/Courtesy Cooper:The Photographer Cat

Watching this intriguing video created by an orange tabby cat, Cooper, Seattle’s resident cat photographer, with a videocamera around his neck and his human caretakers, we receive a glimpse of a world view according to one of our feline friends.  Apparently this cat has his very own youtube site offering further glimpses through the mind of one cat.  In reality, there are not only seven billion human universes, but trillions of animal universes sharing and experiencing Mother Earth as well.

In some philosophies and perspectives, each mind is it’s own universe.  Each mind perceives the outer world through our basic five senses as well as through our sixth sense and perhaps more.   This perspective of trillions of animal universes  is currently being documented through modern neuroscience, animal behavior and trans-species psychology.  Through modern technology, we are now able have broader multisensory windows into the hearts and minds of our kindred spirits.  Apparently even the navy is using similar technology training dolphins to  assist them in seeing underwater area’s through their  own eyes as well.  Youtube has allowed people to not only have glimpses from millions of viewers on their perspective of the universe, but has also allowed us to document numerous unusual animal behaviors and inter-species interactions and contemplate what is going on in the animals minds.  Many of the posts on this site focus on some of these fascinating video’s and explore their deeper meanings based on my theories of Trans-species Fields Theory.  For more of Cooper’s view of life, check out Photographer Cat.com

Often times, when I am  sharing experiences with animals, I often wonder how they may be perceiving that very same experience  that we are both viewing through our  own unique senses.  As I was kayaking the other day, I was surrounded by around 40 seals.  They would pop up all around us, their heads bobbing above the blue gray waterline, looking at us curiously as we looked at them.  Baby seals would come closer to the kayak than the adults normally would.  Yet, you would see a mother seal right nearby her baby, making sure that they were not doing anything too risky and were safe, not unlike our mothers.  We were all looking at each other, perceiving different world views, through different minds.

Perhaps you would like to gain further insights into your animal friends view of the world, through their universe.  One way is to do what this cat’s caretakers did and try attaching a video cam around them.  More simply, play a game and  try getting down at their level and seeing how they see the world from their perspective, smell and listen to the world from their level.  What do you experience when smelling what they smell, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, feeling what they feel.  Does it offer you a different perspective on how they might live and feel the world?

As we gain greater insights into how other beings see and perceive the outer world, perhaps we will be able to have greater respect and compassion for other beings.  Perhaps we will begin to create a society that has greater respect for other world views, trillions of world views.



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