Polar Bears Receive Protection

Kudos to Canada for acknowledging the obvious, that Polar Bears are a greatly endangered species due to the current climate crisis and now will receive deserved protection according to this article in the Huffington Post. As their habitat melts and we continuously hear of polar bear cubs drowning because they cannot reach enough ice to land somewhere, governments need to take action right now to try to curb the climate change that is endangering polar bears. Their fight for survival is heroic as we hear of polar bears heading south and hear other fascinating anecdotes about polar bears breeding with grizzly bears where they are beginning to interact. Actually in British Columbia, there is one area, the Great Bear Rain Forest or the Spirit Bear Rain Forest where a small percentage of the black bears in this region carry a recessive gene to be white. It is believed that this may date back to the last ice age. During Salmon runs in September these white black bears can be seen along the shoreline going for salmon. They are such an amazing site that the first nation tribes in the area called them spirit bears.

The irony of it is that their is a proposal for an oil pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands to the British Columbia coastline directly through the Spirit Bear Rain Forest, the last great temperate rain forest left in the world. Not only is one of the greatest causes of this climate crisis right there in the Alberta Tar Sands, but the proposed oil pipeline will take it through the Spirit Bear Rainforest where the last vestiges of the last ice age still remain.

I find it amazing that we are apparently seeing polar bears consciously or unconsciously adapting to survival and climate change by interbreeding with grizzly bears that they are beginning to share territory with. I ponder if anything or what is going on in their psyches that they are interbreeding. Are they just in the same territory and then recognize grizzlies as not that different from them, or their something at a trans-species level of consciousness or subconsciousness that is happening, beyond our current understanding.
One can only ponder and speculate. The end result though appears to be a current adaptation for survival as the world changes around them. What are your thoughts? Is there some bigger picture, beyond our comprehension that is creating this attempt for survival?

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