Compassionate Cities Campaign

The Kindred Spirits Project seems to be part of a much more expansive movement that is evolving focused on creating a more compassionate society.

In this article, author and professor, Karen Armstrong discusses her approach to developing more compassionate cities.  This campaign is part of International Peace Week, Sept 15-21.  The motto is from  “inner peace to international peace”.  The Kindred Spirits Project is honored to share the information about this week with all of you.   You can sign up for free for this world teleconference.  Their website states that topics covered include:”

  • Cultivating Inner Peace
  • The Path to Peace through Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Integrating Peace & Happiness into How We Do Business
  • Ending Our Addiction to Crime, Violence and War
  • Technology & Peace: Empowering Youth
  • Large Scale Organizing for Peace
  • A Peace Economy
  • Subtle Activism as a Personal and Collective Peace Practice
  • Making Poverty History
  • A Path to Peace & International Security”
  • I personally  feel that this is absolutely great. I would also have loved to see a section on peace for all beings, all species.  I agree that without creating inner peace, it is challenging to create international peace.  I would also add that we need to include awareness about peace with other species.  I look forward to hear what  my dear friend, Jane Goodall will share about this.  She is one of my great mentors as well as being a dear friend.  We need to create conscious peace with other animals,  including all that we use in food production, factory farms, bear farms in China, zoo’s, hunting reserves and all the animals that are needlessly slaughtered as we devastate vast environments like the Amazon rainforest.
  • Let us come together during Peace week! Blessings,


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