Quest for the Best Food for Our Animal Family

What’s the best food for our animal family?  I explained in the last episode why I feel diet is an essential key to health (Season 1, Episode 2), and introduced to you Dr. Schoen’s Pet Food Quality Scale.  

You will learn more in later episodes, including my next episode!

I am pleased to announce that in Episode 3 (next Monday, January 27), I will be interviewing the founders of Raised Right Pets, which I think offers one of the best pet foods available today and definitely ranks high on Dr. Schoen’s Pet Food Quality Scale.   

Raised Right Pets is a family-owned company.  The founder’s family has been farming and ranching for generations.  I know personally the veterinarian behind the formulation.  She actually acknowledged me as one of her mentors.  I also know the other developers involved in the creation well and I have great respect for them.  

So We will hear what they have to say about why they developed the food the way they have.  

See you on Monday, January 27, 2020, at 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST!

Raised Right Pets was featured in Petfood Industry magazine.

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