Dr. Allen Schoen

C.A.L.M. Creator and Instructor

Episode 4: HeartMath Institute, Dr. Rollin McCraty interview

Hi Animal Lover Friends!
I am so excited to let you know that in the upcoming episode, I will be interviewing Dr. Rollin McCraty, the scientist at the HeartMath Institute!

HeartMath Institute’s research offers a scientific basis and practical applications of my Trans-species Field Theory and Compassionate Field Theory, which I will discuss in later episodes.

Dr. McCraty is the scientist who has worked on documenting the electromagnetic heart connection between animals and people.  He will be sharing practical applications of his findings wherever humans and non-human animals meet, which includes your personal home, animal shelters, animal hospitals, horse barns, dog parks, cat cafe’s etc.  
We will discuss practical tips that you can use right away with your animal family at home.  

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Heart hugs to you all!