GREAT NEWS! All My Episodes are Free Now!

Dear Animal Lovers,

I am so pleased to announce that all my episodes of “Awakening with Your Animal Family” are now available to watch for free!  

The management of Awake TV has made the amazingly generous decision as they believe that my message should be available to as many people as possible.

I am deeply touched by AwakeTV’s kind, magnanimous decision to make all my episodes free for all animal lovers to watch.  Co-founders, Amanda Masters and John Blake are wonderful, caring beings and I invite you to support their network and all their other fascinating hosts committed  to raising the vibration of humanity!  Please thank them if you wish!

Still, Benefits to Subscribers

So now, you no longer need to subscribe to Awake TV to watch my shows, past, present and future.  Still, there are benefits to subscribers: 

  • You can post comments and questions
  • You can watch my apparence on other teachers’ shows
  • You can watch all other amazing teachers of Awake TV

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial, and by using the promo code AWAKE070 you get 50% off of the first month of subscription (regular price: $10 USD).

Dr. Schoen's Awake TV Series

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